R^3 Air Edition v1.1.1 Release & April Fools’ Event

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 1st, 2020

Well it’s been nearly 2 years since the last official engine update. This is primarily built off the OT edition release awhile ago with mostly touch-ups to existing features and a few small ones as well. Notable inclusions are:

- Token Panel: Replaces the underused Stats panel and allows easy access to viewing locked and unlocked tokens, and provides a direct link to the required song(s) needed to unlock the token.

- Song Options: Per song options for judge offset, music offset and mirror mod. Also comes with a small note field when you can leave notes to yourself about the song.

- Leaderboard Update: Clicking the userbar on the song selection screen allows you to update your skill rating and other stats directly from the game, no longer needing to visit the site to do so.

- [Add] Replace underused Stats panel with Tokens.
- [Add] Selector for Start-Up screen under “Other” on settings screen.
- [Add] Auto-loading of external replays from “replays” folder, sorted by engine.
- [Add] Search to Replay History, for both Recent and External Replays.
- [Add] Full Unicode support on most things.
- [Add] Leaderboard update button.
- [Add] Colorpicker to color fields on settings screen.
- [Add] VSync toggle in options.
- [Add] Basic Level Scripting functionality.
- [Change] Rebuild login to used saved session tokens instead of saving credentials.
- [Change] Improve Mouse Wheel logic for scrollpanes.
- [Change] Auto-save replay paths now use engine_id instead of engine_hash for file paths.
- [Change] Adding a song to queue using [Queue] and then [Play] will no longer add a duplicate.
- [Fix] String Filter compares.
- [Fix] Mirror in replays if user has it set, but not in replays.
- [Fix] Blank filters being exported, which could corrupt user settings.
- [Fix] Boo counts in FFRBIN replays.
- [Fix] Unlock tokens when acquired on results screen, no longer need to reload engine.
- [Fix] Add handling of multiple tokens in a single play to be unlocked and displayed.
- [Fix] Fix crash on edge-case in MP if a player leaves while another is still in-game.
- [Fix] Fix crash on missing entries on level_rank entries on rare cases.
- [Fix] Save search state for all cases.
- [Fix] Scrollbar saving position while changing genres.
- [Fix] Version compare logic.

For a limited time only, pass Megalovania [Special] on R^3 Air Edition v1.1.1 for a unique profile reward. You feel like you’re going to have a bad time.

Megalovania [Special]
Musician: Toby Fox
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Difficulty: 0
Song Length: 2:38

*Whimper Wall*
Musician: Nez
Step Artist: Velocity
Difficulty: 120
Song Length: 1:06

Note: If there is an issue updating, or the game not starting after updating, re-download the game from the front page. This update does NOT apply to the in-browser Flash engine, which remains at v0.0.8.

- Velocity

20 Responses to “R^3 Air Edition v1.1.1 Release & April Fools’ Event”

  1. You’re gonna have a good time.

  2. When are we gonna remove tier points tho

  3. Fantastic update; per-song offset is fucking glorious and is by far the best feature for me with this engine.

    Good QoLs through as well. Thanks for everything, Velocity.

  4. oh lord

  5. Took me a while to realize you had to right click songs for the additional options oops

  6. Nicht herunterladen, es ist ein Virus, jetzt ist meine Tastatur auf Deutsch und ich kann sie nicht ändern.

  7. This minigame in the middle of Megalovania.. I can’t figure out how to do it, I can only get the heart to move left, it won’t go up, down, or left. also tried doing the konami code to avoid it but that isn’t working either.

  8. I wasn’t prepared for sans fight but definitely embraced it warmly :) nice scoreboard broskis

  9. Rip playing stuck at home tourney. All my free time tonight went into passing this song.

  10. I’m seeing a few reports of choppiness on the new engine.

  11. R4 when

  12. yup, pretty laggy it looks like, was fine on the first day, but when I logged in on the second, everything seemed choppy.

  13. Where does the megalovania token show up after you get it? I can’t find mine

  14. It’s listed under ‘Profile Badges’.

  15. Vsync fixed the choppiness for me, but idek what vsync do so

  16. How do you access recent Replay ? Please someone help me

  17. Press F2 on your keyboard to view recent replays. You could view them in-game, save them into a file, and import locally saved replays into the game for viewing.

  18. Could someone tell me how to update the air adition

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