R^3 Engine 0.0.8 Air+Flash Release

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 7th, 2019

What’s New?
      • Rebuild Login to use session tokens and not password when remember me is checked.
      • Flip Accuracy Graph.
      • Remember what result graph was selected.

Bug Fixes
      • Fixed Left & Right arrows keys being intercepted in rare conditions on results screen.
      • Fixed Multiplayer Mod Commands.
      • Fixed unlocking multiple tokens in the same play.
      • Fixed tokens not unlocking without refreshing the game.
      • Fixed Bin Replays having the wrong boo loop count.
      • Fixed blank filters being exported.
      • Fixed String Filter compares.

- FFR Game Management Team

10 Responses to “R^3 Engine 0.0.8 Air+Flash Release”

  1. Always glad to see FFR getting better~

  2. Bugfix hype!

  3. OK so, is 1.0.0 BYRON Edition just the same as this 0.0.8? Cuz I just realized it showed 0.0.7 in the corner before all this updated.

  4. The 1.0.0 beta has hardware acceleration, whereas 0.0.8 does not. But we will be releaseing an official build with hardware acceleration very soon to replace Byron edition.

  5. this application makes my anti-virus scream

  6. 0.0.8 updated over top of byron reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Ah, yes. well, soon.

  8. uhmm what happened to the gambling hall? i had 6m credits in bets and they’re not showing on the gambling hall page but they’re pending in my past bets?

  9. @BIGEZAY see my comment on your wall.

  10. hype!

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