Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 13th, 2014

It is back up, and fully functional. There are some issues with it, but there isn’t much we can do about them at the moment. The user limitation, of 20, which was active for a few days, has been replaced by our pro license (with a cap of 500, so we’re good.)
If you notice any problems, excluding the arbitrary newline, please let me know.

26 Responses to “Prochat”

  1. Yay progress!

  2. The maximum number of connections has been reached.

  3. I think this should be removed from the home page… Thanks though.

  4. Fucking Finally Ok

  5. Is radio up yet?

  6. Jazz hands.

  7. Cool, downvoted for trying to suggest a way to prevent the prochat from being flooded by people not actually wanting to get to the prochat. Thanks ffr.

  8. “prochat” more like noobchat ha ha ha ha


  10. Izzy, I downvoted you.

  11. I wish I could get downvoted :(

  12. ^same here someone downvote me :)

  13. You guys will never achieve my level of downvote skill.

  14. LOL

    P.S. Thank you for fixing profile chat. : )

  15. i have more downvotes than you do nerd

  16. We love to hate you.

    Yay profile chat. :D

  17. yey

  18. /roll

  19. win….but um…why with the upvotes? p~p

  20. :3

  21. Is it really possible to host even close to five-hundred people in the chat at the same time? I personally think that a limit of fifty or sixty people at once would suffice.

  22. It’s more that we couldn’t properly host FFR multiplayer and chat with a limit of 20. Our previous licence, which was purchased a very long time ago, is for 500 users. :P

  23. Oh, I see. XD

  24. we were hitting 20 in mp alone yesterday, 20 combined for the both made me a bitchy UF


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