Memorial Day Release 2019

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on May 26th, 2019

For Memorial Day we’ve got two alternate difficulties for charts currently ingame! Both of the original songs are in the higher difficulty range (Almost There is a 99 and Heterochromia Iridis is a 101).

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Almost There [Standard]
Musician: RushJet1
Step Artist: XelNya
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Game Music
Difficulty: 20
Song Length: 2:44
* Pass Almost There.

Heterochromia Iridis v2
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Coalescent Breakcore
Difficulty: 93
Song Length: 2:05
* Pass Heterochromia Iridis with at least 1845 perfects.

- The Game Management Team

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  1. i was almost there at the AAA of almost there

  2. LOL @ Silence Theory

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