It Begins! 12th Official Tournament: Round 1

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on August 10th, 2019

AHHHHHHH! Can you believe it?! It’s finally here!

Round 1 of the 12th Official FFR Tournament is under way after such a long wait. Many shoutouts and thanks to everyone for being patient as well as thanks to those helping to put this all together.

First thing’s first, an announcement about the big change for this year. An 8th division has been added to the tournament. With such monumental achievements happening across FFR, the time just feels right. For this tournament, we were a bit more selective of who was bumped due to the quick shift. However, in coming tournaments, the general line will be at 100+ skill ranking. We’re super excited to see how the addition of this 8th division will affect the tournament and how intense the competition will be amidst our top players.

On another note, all files will be entered into game rated as 0 for the duration of the round. Those of you who have participated in previous FFR Official tournaments will be used to this. For anyone new here that isn’t aware, we have come to find that people tend to get too caught up in the ratings in previous tournaments and feel this really helps keep the tournament fun and it’s even been found to calm some people’s nerves not knowing how difficult the file really is.

With all of that out of the way, let’s move onto the songs for round 1!

D1: Misbehave (In This Cave)
Stepped by our resident community manager devonin, Misbehave (In This Cave) is a funky song by Ryan Ike whose chart places an emphasis on banjo melodies of varying speeds and rhythms. While fairly short at 1:47 and mostly tame in structure, D1 players will be tested in their ability to control short sprints of 16th notes at a respectable speed.
D2: The Hop
The Hop by OR-IF-IS adds to the list of shorter songs in the opening round of this tournament. rayword45’s choice of following 64th-note swing percussion makes D2’s bouncy opener rhythmically challenging for players of this level. Thankfully, the patterns are generally forgiving and the short length gives players ample time to put a large amount of attempts into the more difficult parts of this file.
D3: Machines
As someone who admittedly lacks a fondness of FFR’s rock genre as a whole, DarkZtar brings an absolute positive standout in Machines, by Crown the Empire. At a shade over 2 and a half minutes, this chart gives D3 a run for their money with 16th note streams that are constantly intermingled with layering and not-so-simple patterning. It is an excellent song and chart that I legitimately hope the competitors enjoy as much as I do.
D4: Bang
“IT’S ALL BANG BANG BLOODY BANG!” D4 most certainly gets the shaft on length here, opening up with a filthy, near 4-minute dubstep song – Bang by Droptek. Multiplayer moderator and growing simfile artist presence Deamerai unleashes a monster on the D4 competitors that demands precision in burst control, mini-jacks and solid mental fortitude.
D5: Carnation
Ah, my division where I shall die a very swift death. Carnation by aaaa (an appropriate artist name), is Elekton’s first file to FFR and it is a great one. Clocking in at 2:32, it is a lovely melodic piano song that features a great variety of jumpstream (ew #madcuzbad), mini-jack patterning and really nice appearance in general. Don’t let my bias against jumpstream pull you away because this file actually is very well done and is the first of great Elekton content to come.
D6: Ambient Ooparts
With great songs comes great durations? Well, Ambient Ooparts is an awesome song by cosMo@Bousou-P that brings a similar fate to the D4 players with regards to length, punching in over 3 and a half minutes of keysmashing carefully crafted by DarkZtar. Nothing stands out as an advantageous skillset in this for a D6 player other than sheer focus and control, as intermittent blips of broken jumpstream get interrupted with a variety of bursts, mini-jacks, split-handed jumptrills, etc. Stay focused.
D7: Super Soaker
Chiptune. Hi19. Speed. Colors. Streams. Got it? Good.
Super Soaker revives from the dead after sitting in queue for a rather long period of time, returning with a vengeance to terrorize our elite keysmashers right out of the gate. hi19hi19 leverages Blitz Lunar’s high-speed melodies and complicated rhythms to create a chart that packs a punch in terms of pattern variation and speed, forcing even those who have substantial ability in stream to check their control.
D8: Violent Arcade
And finally, D8. The… unicorns?
The first ever D8 song in an official tournament with a mere 14 competitors jousting for position in hopes to secure high enough scores to qualify for the top 8 of a brand new structure not seen to FFR. These keysmashing titans will do battle on Violent Arcade, a menacing opening to what appears to be a violent division (pun intended). DarkZtar makes yet another appearance in this opening round, absolutely assaulting everyone in his way with Final Sketch & rgLed’s monstrous collaboration as his weapon of choice. This brutal chiptune breakcore song provides a lethal mix of patterns that will likely pose issues to anyone who even attempts it. And this is just the beginning.

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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    Have we really gone that far?

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