Halloween Release 2018

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on October 31st, 2018

Happy Halloween! For today we’ve got a cover of Light of the Seven by Ghost in the Machine, and The Candy Corn Witch which is a powerful chiptune track by Aquellex.

Light of the Seven is an easy orchestral song, while The Candy Corn Witch is a difficult chart that will take more than a sugar rush from candy corn to nail. On another note, congratulations to Aquellex for becoming a song artist on FFR!

Light of the Seven (Ghost in the Machine Cover)
Musician: Ramin Djawadi
Step Artist: VisD
Song Genre: Classical
Style: Orchestral
Difficulty: 7
Song Length: 1:16

The Candy Corn Witch
Musician: Aquellex
Step Artist: PrawnSkunk
Song Genre: Chiptune
Style: Misc
Difficulty: 91
Song Length: 2:43

Also, feel free to leave comments in this song release thread.

- The Game Management Team

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  1. 92 lol

  2. Gratz Aquellex!

  3. Only half a month anymore is the new year.
    Wish you a prosperous new year.

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