FFR Updates and Fixes

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 3rd, 2014

Update 2: Since we can’t have SFS, I’ve started working on a tracking system for NotFFRon. I’ll be creating a very simple tracking system to help prevent cheating and to allow per-user progress tracking. Once that’s in place, perhaps a small group of us will come together to produce the final 18 or so levels. :)
Update: Still no Chat/MP. I’ll post as soon as it gets done. T-T

- Velocity engine will now load songs.
- NPS images are now generated and displayed again.
- Replay image generator is back in action.

Chat, Multiplayer, and Radio are in the process of being made available.
We are awaiting support from the creators of Smartfox, and until then we can do nothing.
Synth dropped in today to help us with the fixes.

Good Night!
– Zag

52 Responses to “FFR Updates and Fixes”

  1. Yay for Zageron!

  2. I pooped

  3. Thank you to everyone who is helping to run all of the FFR site features again. :)

  4. Nice work :D Sites running really really slow for me though. Especially the forums and its only ffr, nothing else lol :/ Cant wait til its back to normal, hehe

  5. Thank you to everyone who is helping to run all of the FFR site features again. :)

  6. where the white women at

  7. ty

  8. thanks man!

  9. Good to hear. ^.^

  10. up down up down up down

  11. fully functional or not, <3 you mofos for your efforts to restore mp & pchat =u=

  12. RIP Radio 2013

  13. I had a pretty much lag free run today. wow wow

  14. nice work zag

  15. Is it just me or does the new FFR game have a really smaller margin for grading perfects? also will we ever get the one back before this server switch, it looked like legacy with the ability to hide AAAs/tokens/etc. ?

  16. smh get it TOGETHER guys !!!!!!

  17. leon, you mean Velocity Engine? Yeah, It’s in the top left corner of the r3 engine.

  18. nice working zag….*your love points have gone by 5!*
    *Skill points have gone up by 13!*

  19. Get your “crap” together, It was never this bad back in the day… Honestly the community is falling apart. (Admins don’t give me the “crap” that its all PC, you have to remember there are other users out there than need the FiFFER.) Take care of these sorts of issues before you decide to change hardware. Lrn2Admin, JS.

  20. Docmo are you talking about 4.88 years ago (your profile age) ? kuz when i think about “back in the day, i remember 56k dial up connection and same color notes on the less than 60 songs available to play. I’m sure if it was back in the day the Admins or whoever is working on this site would have had an easier time keeping the 1 playable engine working. but thats just if your talking about the real back in the day, if your just talking about 3-4 years ago then idk wtf you are talking about.

  21. lawl don’t even respond i just noticed your down votes, no need to start some drama. bottom line, your rage is would be acceptable if you were paying for service.

  22. Such love.

  23. thanks zag! now please excuse me while I passive-aggressively twiddle my thumbs :)

  24. thanks for the support/update Zag! Glad velocity is back… legacy was killing me.

  25. Smartfox’s turnaround time is pretty abysmal.

  26. Yeeeeaaaah….. I’m kind of disgusted.

  27. I hate the update. I used to full combo on every song I played, now I’m lucky if I get a C. Too much lag. I want the old version back.

  28. I lag so much on this… i can’t hit any notes correctly. What is this??

  29. I can’t wait until the chat/mp comes back

  30. seriously have had the worst luck in the gambling hall since this little reboot :X grrr argg inb4 i lose another 11 in a row.

  31. Wait sorry I’m late I heard there was fruit punch?

  32. fuck you zag

  33. Now now, Tim, there’s no need to be so aggressive.

  34. nu0n, i keep losing

  35. *twiddles thumbs*

  36. join the club

  37. *twiddles*

  38. *also twiddles thumbs*

  39. My worry: are they going to be this slow in the future as well?

  40. Wow, pink comments in the front page responses look really nice.

  41. I think PC is broken.

  42. Man I’d love to see the radio back in. The rythmn player(I believe it was called this) was awesome. It gave me something to listen to when my mind just went blank while staring at my profile. Keep up the great work admins.

  43. If you still decide that you want people to add levels, I have two level ideas for negative levels that I wouldn’t mind making.

  44. I’ve got an idea for a level too, except I’d have no idea how to implement it (and I’d also need to work out the details).

  45. SFS?

  46. smartfox system i think? and oh cool, notffron again. (:

  47. Yeah, smartfox. The system behind our multiplayer and chat. We are still waiting. Might as well do other stuff while we wait.

  48. pfft i cant wait to talk trash to tim fgt again when chat goes back up :)

  49. What is notffron

  50. NotFFROn is an internet puzzle game created in 2010 that has about eighty levels. You can earn one or more token(s) by playing, although I’m not sure exactly how that works. The thread is located on the front page in case you would like to play. From my understanding, this game is an alternative to waiting for profile chat, multiplayer chat, and the FFR radio to be available. I hope I answered your question. :)

  51. still not working have tried universal and dont work

  52. i wish i read this aha

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