[C] FFR’s First Official Stepcharting Workshop

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 23rd, 2014

The First FFR Stepcharting Workshop is an interactive, intimate one-month event where stepcharters will step a 4-key file for either FFR or Stepmania, offer and receive constructive feedback, and revise their files accordingly. It will run from Sunday, March 2 to Saturday, March 29 and be open to stepcharters at every level, from seasoned veterans to beginners. There will be no afterparty with a bonfire and s’mores, but you are free to have your own if you so desire.

Some may wonder what the purpose of such a structured workshop is, but there are no catches or rewards here beyond learning more about stepcharting from one another and having a lot of fun. And really, why else are we all here?

Those interested should private message me (moches) with the subject line “Workshop Registration.” The deadline for registration is the midnight of Saturday, March 1. Spots may be limited to 24 participants. In order to get a proper headcount, I also ask that questions and other messages be sent under different subject lines.

I sincerely hope you consider joining us for what’s sure to be a great time.


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  1. moving sites?

  2. Moving servers.

  3. awesome :)

  4. moving servers to a new site


  5. I’m having problems in life but i’ll see,sounds awesome~!!

  6. new server in site


  8. :3 Hype! ^-^

  9. I got my first level 50 AAA and it said failed to save score I went on the website and it was down like 10 seconds after I started my song. I was so close to flipping my shit >:O

  10. dumb

  11. i will bring chaos to the lands with my newly found arrow design powers muahaha

  12. Intimate? I’m in ;)

  13. whoa did you get 24 already? that is toooo cool. I was thinking about signing up last minute just to boost the numbers. glad to see it’s not needed! have fun everybody :D

  14. [C]

  15. Holy synchronization…

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