FFRMas Day 7

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 19th, 2019

On the 7th day of FFRMas we get a nice easy file from Deamerai.

Hip Shop
Musician: Toby Fox
Step Artist: Deamerai
Difficulty: 10
Song Length: 1:20

Spon-Con: Synthlight marathon! Turn backgrounds on, set scroll speed to 1, make sure you have it so you can see legacy files, and queue up: Alpha Helix, Stay With Me (Unlikely), Salad for Your Tuesday, Legend of Zelda Remix, Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl, and The Essential. You may not use rates on this challenge, it has to be set to 1. Check out the thread for all the details.


6 Responses to “FFRMas Day 7”

  1. im not going to say first, but…

  2. Okay, then i will…First ;)

  3. Oh dear…

  4. seven swans a swimming

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