FFRMas 2016: Day 12

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 25th, 2016

And at last, we have arrived at the final day of our event. I wish that I could announce that I had something special that FFRMas gave to you, but the lack of announcements due to the hectic timing of everything made it a bit tougher to manage. At the end of the day, I still hope that you guys at least had a great time with the releases overall. I feel like the song line-up this year was really good, and it had a lot of differentiation between song style, and stepartists. Difficulty mixing was a little tough to manage due to a lot of the easier stuff being purged from the previous FFR Official Tournament, but we made do to bring you something.

I like to think that it’s always great to save the best for last, and in my opinion, we’ve done just that: the final release for the FFRMas event is none other than the incredible Violet Rose, the sequel song to OSTER Project’s amazing Blue Rose – which has been a fan favorite on FFR for quite some time. This song takes a very rightful position as a sibling: it too runs just shy of the 6-minute mark, carries a very respectable note count at just shy of 4,000, and is somewhat into that For Gurus Only difficulty, sitting in the lower 90s.

When planning this event, this song was immediately placed in the Day 12 slot, because I knew it was worth sharing to everyone on Christmas day. I judged this file in a batch, and -tried- to find things that I didn’t like about it to prevent from giving it a perfect 10, and… I couldn’t do it.

Violet Rose
Musician: OSTER Project
Step Artist: bmah
Genre: Latin Jazz Trio
Difficulty: 91
Length: 5:47

Yesterday, I said that I would reward those who participated in the event, and that I will! For each day you participated, I will add an entry for you to be one of three winners of the more elusive event tokens. The more you participated, the higher your chances are to actually win something! All of you who participated will receive 5,000 credits for every day that you submitted an entry to a spontaneous contest.

I will try to get these credits/prizes paid out as soon as possible, but I’m still gonna be out on travels for the next two days. Be patient, guys! <3

Happy holidays, everyone!

- TC_Halogen

11 Responses to “FFRMas 2016: Day 12”

  1. Those jacks tho, damn I was not ready for them.

  2. another great bmah stepfile! thanks bmah for all the great work you’ve put in to making ffr more fun for everyone by all these files consistently over the years.

    upvote this comment to show ur appreciation to bmah and all the hard working people who make ffr great for everyone

  3. Is it too late to participate in every spontaneous contest

  4. my comment is at -2. u guys clearly dont appreciate people!

  5. @klimtkiller, people do appreciate bmah and his files, people just don’t appreciate vote begging.

  6. upvote begging? lmao. I dont even have an upvote button that’s the joke

  7. violet rose a significantly better christmas gift than the $50/100 you get from extended family thanks bmah now i feel bad i didn’t get u anything

  8. first.

  9. Happy belated Merry Christmas

  10. Holy cow, I won the raffle! Anyways, I already have both tokens, so may I recieve the 25k prize instead, or did I already get that prize?

  11. Oh, and it looks like I didn’t have FD. However, I met the requirements in FFRMas Day 5 to get Freedom Dive, is that not one of the tokens allowed for that event, or do I just have to wait a bit more to get that token?

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