FFR: Valentines Day Edition

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Spontaneous Contests on February 13th, 2012

Entries are closed, the votes have been tallied…

And the header that is going to grace FFR on every page for the next 48hrs is FOUR OF THEM!!!

With the variety of entries received being quite unique and interesting, we eventually found a winner with Evnoir, who will receive 40,000 credits and the choice of a pink or purple prochat userbar for a week. Close in second place was Silvuh, who is the lucky recipient of the 10,000 credits and the same prochat userbar choice for 3 days.

Now, we couldn’t just leave it as that because there were so many awesome entries, so in a tie for 3rd we have Cold Kitten and the winner of our last SponCon TheThong, who will given a bonus prize of 5,000 credits each!
All four of these banners will be randomly chosen each time visit a new page until 6am on the 15th, at which point the site will return to its familiar blue theme once more. And to all of the other users that submitted their art, you will be rewarded with 1,000 credits for your efforts, and as promised your names on the front page.

So a big FFR thankyou to Emithith, Magic_V2, Xx{Midnight}xX, Anaru, CammyGoesRawr, sakura080789, cardman2012, zegsigma, supermousie, chrysler, Coolboyrulez0, justin_ator, noname219, iironiic, PrawnSkunk, Deadpony, andy-o24, Jake Ferguson, LaterDays, Mau5, Raining Nails. This contest was a success because of your combined participation, and the manner of support for each others work in the thread was commendable by most. Also, thankyou to Zageron for coding in the header changes for this event!

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff, wishing you a happy and love-filled Valentines day!

Along with this, I’ve released a new Velocity Engine update with a new noteskin thanks to darkshark. The new engine is called ~Alone~, so enjoy!


32 Responses to “FFR: Valentines Day Edition”

  1. grats to Evnoir

    gimme ur photoshop sklz

  2. Not a fan of them.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners~
    The background colour is mismatched to Tiffany’s banner.

  4. Damn, never mind. Ninja’d by a banner. :/

  5. Creds will be sent out shortly!! Congrats again to everyone that participated!!

  6. Shoutouts
    h9rs gonna h9 on my banner~~

  7. Very impressed with the banners! :)

  8. Congrats on all the winners, you so earned it!

  9. 1a

  10. the banners go well with my pink profile and avatar xD

    happy valentines everyone!

  11. if only i had decent design skills and photoshop if only i wouldve participated in this contest

  12. 1a

  13. why is everyone typing ’1a’ ?

  14. No offence to Evnoir because I think his is very nice BUT I really think Silvuh’s should have won. Either way congrats to the winners.

  15. don’t get me wrong, I like Evnoir’s design, but uh…
    why the hell didn’t Silvuh win? his is more pleasing on an aesthetic level, not to mention it looks like there’s a bit more detail and effort to make it look good…

  16. Agreed with above, Silvuh’s should have won, especially with the subtle emphasis on the backwards “love” in revolution.

  17. lol i’m on there XD

  18. trig(o:

  19. I’m glad that two of my favourites won 1st and 2nd respectively. Either way with the both of them, I’m glad they placed. I also liked Tiffany’s design.
    Either way, good job to all of the participants!

  20. Congrats to the winners, these banners look sweet :D

  21. Nice job guys :D I used to hate valentine’s day – but now that the site is in the spirit of it, I’m almost looking forward to it :P

  22. @ichlie: wow, I didn’t even notice that! That’s is -brilliant-!

  23. I didn’t know participants got their names on the front page.
    Congrats to Evnoir and Silvuh for their top two placements as well as Cold Kitten and TheThong on their podium spots. I like the festivities on the site these days.


  24. No offense to myself, but I thought Silvuh was going to take first place too lol
    Just goes to show you can’t please everybody :P
    BUT I want the spotlight for once xD

  25. O hey I was mentioned on the front page. :3

  26. Yay!


  27. Wow that’s pretty clever with the ‘evol’ thing…..

  28. Indeed, both Silvuh & TheThong made usage of it. ~TheThong by making those capitals among the other lower case letters (:

  29. So may I ask – what exactly was the process in determining the winner? Just a little confused because I think it’s a bit vague and a lot of people were looking into a different #1 winner (that’s not to say though that all of the banner designs are incredibly well-done).

  30. I voted for Evnoir because it was simple and still looked awesome.

  31. “I didn’t even triple A it” Bahahahaha :] congrats!

  32. Grats to envior, well deserved

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