FFR Updates & Fixes (2)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 29th, 2014

Update 3:
Alright, arc got universal multiplayer working. (He cheated.)
This only applies to R^3.
Prochat, and the other two engines, will be updated to use arc’s hack as soon as we get the chance. :)

Enjoy. (Come to universal to chat!)

– Zag & arcnmx

15 Responses to “FFR Updates & Fixes (2)”

  1. Where is “universal”?

  2. R^3, Multiplayer Tab, Universal.

  3. Five little owls in an old elm tree,
    Fluffy and puffy as owls could be,
    Blinking and winking with big round eyes
    At the big round moon that hung in the skies.
    As I passed beneath, I could hear one say,
    “There’ll be mouse for supper, there will, today!”
    Then all of them hooted “Tu -whit, Tu-whoo!”
    Yes, mouse for supper, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo!”

  4. I’m glad r3 working :3

  5. Aaand there goes the first universal crash, cool |:

  6. ok

  7. 7th!

  8. Thank you for fixing the R^3 multiplayer chat, (even if a hack was used to get it to work). :)

  9. I don’t care if it was a hack or not, multiplayer is working again and that’s what matters. Thank you admins!

  10. woot mp :)

  11. “zag’s love points went up by 40! and zag’s admire-nation shot up 76%!!”
    “arcnmx’s coolness went up by 36 points! also,arcnmx’s hack-work skill has been upgraded to lvl 7!!”

  12. my universal multiplayer still wont work..

  13. grizz i had that problem last night but it was working for me in the afternoon yesterday

  14. My mp is working ;p

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