Father’s Day Release (June 17, 2018)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on June 17th, 2018

Hello everyone! To celebrate Father’s Day we have two new skill tokens for you:
• Reading Rainbow requires you to miss Death in ABCDeath while learning your ABCs.
• V1 v2 requires you to get many versions of 2 on V1.

We hope you all enjoy this release and have a great Father’s Day!

Reading Rainbow
Musician: Psychostick
Step Artist: gameboy42690
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Comedy Metal
Difficulty: 47
Song Length: 0:52
* Pass ABCDeath while missing every right note (90 misses) and hitting all notes in the three other columns, also with 9 goods or less and 9 boos or less. Make sure not to play on mirror!

V1 v2
Musician: Saxxonpike
Step Artist: trumaestro
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Electroshock Remix
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 1:51
* Pass V1 with two goods, two averages, two misses, and two boos.

- The Game Management Team

12 Responses to “Father’s Day Release (June 17, 2018)”

  1. Reading Rainbow is overall token #200

  2. they both have shitty reqs

  3. Didn’t get the Reading Rainbow token, did I do something wrong? Are no additional misses allowed apart from the right notes maybe? http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/profile/benny58624/replay/376377/

  4. You need to either hit every left/down/up arrows or getting exactly 90 miss.

  5. lol when middie is salty because of anti pa reqs. get over it dude XD

  6. Because they’re fucking stupid and characteristically unfun for me.

  7. for now on all skill tokens will be about aaa’s, fc’s, sdg’s because everything else is shitty Kappa

    all joking aside thanks for some new skill tokens ffr team!

  8. I wouldn’t exactly disagree with this being the case. But it’s *obviously* just what I think and want.

  9. Breh, theyre fine. I actually had alot of fun unlocking these. Would have been boring if they were something like aaa or sdg.

  10. “V1 v2″ oh my lord

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  12. welp rip legacy section

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