Division 8 & New Division 7 Cutoff

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on May 1st, 2020

In 2019, the 12th Official Tournament introduced a terrifying new skill bracket. Now these godly players are officially recognized on the Global Leaderboards with a cutoff of Lv.101. The next R^3 engine update will add the Division 8 title to the multiplayer lobby.

In addition, the cutoff for Division 7 has been lowered from Lv.95 to Lv.94. This more accurately reflects division placements for the upcoming 13th Official Tournament.

- PrawnSkunk & The Game Management Team

11 Responses to “Division 8 & New Division 7 Cutoff”

  1. Oooh, I might actually have a chance to reach D7… OwO

  2. damn i’ll never hit d8

  3. yay

  4. ayy

  5. Swag

  6. D9 when?

  7. So am I not a unicorn anymore?

  8. who’s idea was it to call D8 players ‘godly’? hmm

  9. Good idea, when will the 13th OT occurs ?

  10. I actually liked the “Revolutionary” name for the division, but “Godly” is also neato! Also 13th OT incoming? hypee

  11. You’re always a unicorn in our hearts <3

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