Christmas Release 2018

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 25th, 2018

Merry Christmas! In addition to enjoying the holidays with festivities, we offer two more songs for today. One is a skill token that provides a harder version for a chart that is currently in the game, and the other is a catchy electronic song.

Feel free to leave comments in the thread for this release.

Chik Habit v2*
Musician: The Flashbulb
Step Artist: Shxfted
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Drum’n Bass Extreme
Difficulty: 94
Song Length: 2:36
*Pass Chik Habit with at least 1225 perfects to unlock Chik Habit v2.

Beep Beep I’m a Sheep
Musician: LilDeuceDeuce
Step Artist: MarioNintendo
Song Genre: Dance
Style: Electronic
Difficulty: 47
Song Length: 2:13

- The Game Management Team

6 Responses to “Christmas Release 2018”

  1. beep beep


  3. anyone wanna do me a solid and loan me 65k so i can unlock that token? lol nah yall don’t gotta.

  4. I’m a simple man. I see a MarioNintendo release, I drop a comment.

  5. chik habit v2 is super fun good shit

  6. Yeah he’s a pretty cool guy

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