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Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on September 17th, 2017

Official FFR Discord Server

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce there is now an Official FFR Discord Server up and running! You can join by clicking the banner above, or by clicking the link in the sidebar.

After 11 years, we must also bid farewell to Prochat. The old Flash-based widget has been replaced with a shiny new HTML5 Profile Chat! Please pay your respects in the comments below. You are now able to chat with Discord in realtime directly from your profile. If you wish not to create a Discord account, you can even chat as a guest.

We hope to see you drop by! (I will also be giving away support tokens at random this week to those commenting on/posting scores in the #ffr-bragboard channel.)

- PrawnSkunk
FFR Development & Design

28 Responses to “Chat With Us on Discord!”

  1. rip prochat

  2. ffr is finally in the 21st century

  3. looks great bub

  4. rip prochat

  5. I can think of other Flash-based pieces of this site that could use an upgrade to HTML5 :thinking:

  6. That said, good shit dude :) Glad to see people are still working on improving the site

  7. Whoa


  9. Good job development & design team~

  10. f

  11. Fare thee well

  12. This makes me giddy.

  13. ^ 10 years and im still not blue?!

  14. Need moar grandtotal

  15. #WayTooIntroverted >.<

  16. Fixed the expired invite links!

  17. prawnskunk

  18. please up vote me :)

  19. rip the ability to close prochat

  20. goodbye prochat

  21. RIP prochat for four days.

  22. rip

  23. prochat is gone :(

    i spent hours of my life on that chat sad to see it go :’(

  24. neat

  25. Rest in peace sweet prince

  26. rippc

  27. Woah

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