Bonus File Release!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on August 24th, 2019

Hey everyone! As you can imagine we receive a lot of files in the process of putting an official tournament together. Unfortunately, not all of them can make it in for any number of reasons such as the difficulty just doesn’t fit in, or we have many around the same difficulty. I wish we could use them all because there are so many great files, but alas, we cannot. I asked Dossar if it would be okay to do bonus releases during this tournament and he agreed! So over the next few weeks, you’ll be receiving bonus files on top of your tournament releases!
Here’s your first set:

Boy & Bear
Musician: Pogo
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 26
Song Length: 1:59

Snake Devil [Oni]
Musician: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Step Artist: Ghost_Medley
Song Genre: Rock
Difficulty: 56
Song Length: 3:32

Musician: ABE3
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 95
Song Length: 1:32



16 Responses to “Bonus File Release!”

  1. first

  2. Pog

  3. Pretty cool actually! It’s like FFR is a big festival around the time of a tourney.

  4. snake devil needed an oni chart. RN I’m terribly off rhythm.

  5. First

  6. eleventeenth

  7. Thanks Psychotik for bringing more Pogo to FFR. <3

  8. im telling you if i said “first” id have 20 dislikes by now >:(

  9. epherma patterns are fucking SILKY

  10. ephemera * that was a yikes typo

  11. why do the NPS on snake devil say 19 but for the graph it doesnt go past 14? looks more like 13nps max.

  12. bonus comment

  13. you guys (commenters) suck

  14. hay guiz this is comment 15 haha owned

  15. power of 2

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