Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week (Jul. 8, 2017)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on July 8th, 2017

Welcome again to Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week! This time around there are two technical challenges from YoshL and klimtkiller, and a streaming-based file from YoshL that builds up in density through the file. You can find the thread for this week’s release here.

Musician: DEV/NULL
Step Artist: klimtkiller
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Breakcore
Difficulty: 86
Song Length: 1:47

Musician: Klippa + Mayhem
Step Artist: YoshL
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Industrial
Difficulty: 74
Song Length: 2:47

I’m Getting Serious!
Musician: Furries in a Blender
Step Artist: YoshL
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Drum and Bass
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 1:32

- DossarLX ODI

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  1. anyone remember when being first to comment was a big deal?

  2. lol it never was, people just thought it did

  3. first

  4. fyi I’m getting serious is more like a 70

  5. ^tbh they’re all kind of underrated
    what is handstream doing in a VC

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