Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week (Feb. 3, 2018)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 3rd, 2018

Welcome to the continuation of Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week! We have Head Banger from hi19hi19, a short file featuring lots of dense handstream control, and then a flavorful chart for WonderWing from DarkZtar with lots of syncopated rhythms.

Also be on the lookout for the Valentine’s Day Release! Feel free to leave comments in the Song Release thread.

Head Banger
Musician: AKIMO
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Rock
Style: Metal
Difficulty: 89
Song Length: 1:16

Musician: Sakuzyo
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Artcore
Difficulty: 73
Song Length: 3:11

- The Game Management Team

6 Responses to “Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week (Feb. 3, 2018)”

  1. IT’s a very cute set of songs this week, I think that’s cute.

  2. Head Banger an 85 at max

  3. i can see head banger at around 84-85 yeah

  4. Why drop it to 88, it’s an 85

  5. I’ve played Wraith since and that’s a super easy 87
    I’m comfortable with Head Banger as an 87 or 88, I think handstream is just not a borderline FMO FGO pattern

  6. Subjectivemanias. To me it’s easier than stuff like Piano Concerto (kirby) and Resistance 4 lmao. I would agree with 87 though, considering what’s at that difficulty in general.

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