Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week (Apr. 14, 2018)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 14th, 2018

Welcome to the continuation of Songs of the Week after the Easter/April Fool’s Release!

Musician: DanPaladin
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Indie
Difficulty: 30
Song Length: 1:45

Inspector Gadget (Powerglove)
Musician: Powerglove
Step Artist: gameboy42690
Song Genre: Rock
Style: Metal
Difficulty: 87
Song Length: 3:18

- The Game Management Team

4 Responses to “Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week (Apr. 14, 2018)”

  1. both files rock~

  2. moar 100+s pls but noice

  3. Gameboy’s str8 from the future, thanks so much for this. Hoping that pair is ripe.

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