2 million members and growing!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 22nd, 2019

Today we’re celebrating a huge milestone, as FFR officially crosses 2 million registered users!

We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you for playing, posting, and helping build our niche corner of the internet over the years. To our veterans who have stuck with us for the last decade or more, to anyone who recently joined and is just fitting into our community, and to the bots for making this milestone possible. We love you all. Thanks to each one of you for keeping us going.

<3 FFR

35 Responses to “2 million members and growing!”

  1. Wow we did it FFR, after nearly 16 long years we finally did it

  2. <3 keep on tapping!

  3. shit it’s been over 16 years actually, well we got there in the end, 2 mil moments

  4. yo congraaaats

  5. Party at my place.

  6. I was here

  7. This is epic

  8. WE DID IT

  9. yeet

  10. let’s go gang

  11. :)

  12. K Where is my cookie

  13. we did it team!

  14. :D yay

  15. Thanks bots. :D

  16. ur welcome.

  17. it still exists! thats enough of a moment of triumph in my book. i remember when it didnt exist for a while.

  18. ok thank u

  19. 2nd Generation FFR’er, my dad and uncle played this back when they were in high school so it’s amazing that this game is older than I am, and still going!
    Can’t find my dad’s account but sure as hecc can find my uncle’s. : P

    gg on 2mil!

  20. u make me feel old

  21. These 10 years sure went by fast…
    This place has always been home tho

  22. !!!
    glad to be a part of this community! congrats on 2 million :D

  23. <3333

  24. yeet

  25. I’ll never quit you FFR

  26. This makes me happy. I smiled slightly. :) Happy.

  27. 10/10. Good job guys

  28. Boom!

  29. Thanks for being a wonderful part of my childhood persisting into adulthood

  30. As someone who’s been here since the early beginning, I love this. My heart is singing.

    I love each and every one of you.

  31. FFR 4 EVA

  32. First time playing this game in a gaming cafe with Bawls energy drinks 12 years ago; keep on bawlin’ kids!

  33. I joined 4 years ago.

    Back then there were 1,950,000 members

    4 years to gain 50,000 members wow

  34. Veteran here, well done FFR on reaching 2 million members!

    Back in my day…. hahaha i won’t go on.

  35. 14.34 year vet and counting. Glad to be a part of the Synthlight and Tasselfoot generation of FFR players. And so very proud to be a part of the 2 million whether they are legitimate accounts operated by humans or not. Keep going, FFR. We love you.

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