13th Official Tournament Round 4

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Before we get on with our story, did you drown in that awful yellow sea? Fear not! You can still play along with the Revenge of the Drowned Tournament

D1: Tap on Damen
Sudden cognizance of the figures within the shimmering being threatening, parallel representations of themselves was the precursor to the necessary evasive action, dodging the beams of light that appeared from the clouds to the floor — no one took a particular interest in determining whether or not they were safe. The intense pace of which the figures transmuted from their crystallic nature to semi-realistic figures made it difficult for the actual competitors to determine who were friends and who were foes.

Uncontrolled attacks along the fallen crystals broke them to pieces, clearing out the initial surrounding around the central platform that they remained on — unfortunately, some were struck in the friendly fire. Taking in the losses with a melancholic silence, the platform accepted the remaining presence and descended downward. Upon arrival at the bottom of the floor, the platform briefly lit up to blinding levels, revealing a beautiful cave with an exceptionally vibrant body of water; it was crystal clear and a visual to behold. With everyone stepping off, the platform disappeared backward, now inaccessible to the party.

The serene waters were inviting, not to mention the fact that there was nowhere else really to go.

D2: Breakout [Standard]
Apprehensive at the thought of traversing the race track with the continuous, imminent dangers of the barely visible vehicles, the competitors paused, attempting to discern some sort of audible pattern that might indicate any semblance of a safe crossing. A number of facts became immediately apparent: there was more than a single machine speeding along, and their speeds were nowhere near parallel, making the two required crossings no less dangerous than two games of Russian roulette. Numerous bodies were flung from the tremendous impact of the vehicles, whose speeds were so high that the collisions did nothing to slow their speeds.

The remaining inexperienced but eager fighters still among the living signaled north towards a pair of cliff peaks, following a downward hike to an almost-stranded prison with a walled off perimeter. Upon closer inspection, an entry was visible – the walls around it were scorched but otherwise intact. They continued onto the path towards the interior, wandering around the frail interior that had naturally decayed.

D3: Bad Boy
The remaining competitors continued to drift in the water, only needing to keep themselves afloat with a casual paddling from time to time; unfortunately, that required an understanding of actually being able to tread water, a process that not all of the group seemed to be able to possess. Some found themselves struggling to keep their heads above the surface, being victimized by the much stronger undertow the further away they were from the top – eventually running out of strength to continue the fight.

The remaining members arrived to shallower waters en masse, able to combat their exhaustion by standing on their own feet. They found themselves at the foothold of a jungle, with nowhere else to proceed after being washed ashore. Concerned with the minimal lines of sight and lack of vision from height and in front of them, the group proceeded with vigilance, keeping their eyes peeled. Navigating into the depths of the wilderness, a subtle zip passed by a set of ears, landing with a resounding crack on a tree behind them. Removing the object revealed a pointed blowdart, etched with various tribal markings.

D4: Breakout [Heavy]
A myriad of emotions overtook the competitors as they awaited some sort of mortal peril; most of the group trekked in a relatively similar direction beyond the pillar, eyeing up their surroundings to ensure that nothing would get a jump on them. In transit, the group splintered off into two uneven sizes, numerous of them disappearing with no sign of reacquainting. They followed the forest-like plains in a southward direction to an upward change in elevation, one that steepened as their travels grew. At the apex of the climb was a tall and substantial barrier topped off with barbed wire that secured the entirety of the structure. However, it had failed to keep out (or in) highly motivated individuals that opted into tunneling underneath the walls of the fortress some time ago.

The group scattered through the various tunnels, very quickly arriving in the same location: the inside perimeter that revealed the backside of an abandoned prison. Peering along the edges, it was clear that the northern barricades had been breached, and much to their chagrin, by mere moments. Their southern entry into the interior put them immediately along the same path as the northern intruders — carefully creeping inward, they signed a flank towards one another, taking opposing blind spots, en route to an ambush on the clearly less experienced group.

D5: Smash and Burn
The intensity of the conditions befell a substantial chunk of the group as everyone began to charge through the area as quickly and aggressively as possible in an effort to free themselves from the growing pain. While the chanting ceased, the danger as far from over as the dangers not only began to amplify, but also multiply. Apparitions resembling the same red-orange hue materialized into and out of view with a resounding grinding sound — despite reasonable consideration that the threats overtaking them were nothing beyond their own crazed thoughts, the difficulty of party’s escape was augmented further by the insurgence of presences preventing their leave.

A substantial ring of fire spawned along the party, close enough for a few of them to move inward in avoidance of the searing heat behind them. One member desperately swiped at the moving specter, causing it — and all of the destruction it caused, to disappear.

D6: looming shadow of a tree long gone
With the entrance of the neglected city being a death trap, members of the party were instructed to travel in a single-file pack with the leading member holding a strong source of light in front of them to expose any other obscurities. Numerous characters defied the orders going off on their own way and unsurprisingly, found themselves to be caught as expected by a variety of trip wires, light traps and other creative contraptions designed specifically to inflict substantial harm. Those remaining attached at the hip continued forward with care, navigating with extreme caution.

Progressing on the western outskirts of the dismantled city, threats appeared to be entirely mitigated. The faction eventually began losing light pulling further away from the heavily light polluted metropolis, deviating towards an oddly uniform path of trees that nearly formed a tunnel from tops touching one another. A few meters in, the path opened up to a large and nearly empty grassland. In front of them, the stump to an absolutely mammoth tree that likely predated any sort of man-made activity around them stood. The top of the stump had a piece of wood affixed to it, with a message etched inside of it. One of them attempted to read it:

“Ugcpd ug nrlvniog rls B eqnc nanvog pmj bvbq uygdvmuj.”

Suddenly, all light around them disappeared and presented with an ominous silence so deafening, everyone was able to hear their own heartbeats beginning to race.

D7: Chronomia
The monstrous figures within the interior of the castle were able to show their true colors as a result of the dimly illuminated surface. Their bodies resembled those of a gargoyle’s, with a substantial increase in fortification being coated in some sort of metal. Frequent attempts at swinging and swiping maniacally at all of the unfamiliar bodies made it abundantly clear that these creatures suffered from a severe impedance in vision, relying much more heavily on the sounds of their surroundings.

The members crept forward along the dimly lit paths along the ground, bridging their impacts along the ground as quietly as possible in an effort to remain out of sight; the group found themselves moving forward in the direction of the opposing exit of the castle interior. It extended quite far horizontally in both directions, making it most certainly not within their interests to overstay their welcome. The fastest approach turned frantic as a result of a misstep, causing the monsters to punish a few unlucky souls in the process. Those who made it out alive were able to take solace in the fact that they had no interest to continue their pursuit.

D8: I’m A Fucking Idiot
Searching the basin and all accessible contents within and around it yielded absolutely nothing, as there weren’t too many places to travel without being interrupted by an untraversable rock face. There was an almost uncanny serenity in their current resting spot, with only the moderately paced chirping of crickets in the distance being the only interruption of the ambiance. The hovering platforms served as an elucidation to their continued travels; there was no other choice.

One by one, they carefully bounded off of each platform, centering their gravity before proceeding to the next comfortable platform. Landing on them produced a gentle wobble that was in itself mildly nerve-wracking, but not an elicitation of fear. As the other edge of the basin came within eye-shot, the platform spacing widened, forcing a bit more of a strain on the jumps and landings. One final jump, and…

…incomparable pain. Each of their bodies remained still landing on the other edge of the basin, absorbing the shock without granting any immediate indication of danger, with their vision simulating that of a psychedelic hallucination. With the last body set, a loud snap shocked the soundscape. All bodies fell instantly, completely without consciousness.

-TC_Halogen & psychoangel691

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