13th Official Tournament Round 1

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on June 30th, 2020

A large cityscape awaits in the distance, with eight transports skirting the otherwise abandoned territory. As they flew into a rectangular formation over the desolation, the nearing landscapes cracked into view, revealing a myriad of conditions that were impressive to behold.

D1: Jump Up, Super Star!
The first transport departed from the formation — a very hard left, separated from the remaining seven ships in a rather rapid descent. After a brief, controlled fall onto a bright green field, combatants were shoved out one by one.

The newest and most inexperienced fighters stared around in complete disbelief and confusion; the realization of having to do battle with these unknowns was already disorienting enough. Any semblance of normalization appeared to be divorced from their reality. Many realized relatively quickly that travel would be exhausting, with the ground beneath their feet shifting regularly in intervals that resembled the average height of each competitor. Skies were at least a vibrant blue, though the occasional cloud found itself staring downward, just… watching.

D2: Darkside
The second transport continued on, splitting from the remaining ships around the same period but veering almost opposite from the counterpart, descending parallel to its landing position – a nearly lightless ravine.

In the distance, a surprisingly alluring melody penetrated the soundscape of what was otherwise a nearly deafening silence. It seemed too real to not be played by a person, but the lack of attenuation sounded nearly robotic — it was performed to perfection. Some sort of string instrument was leading the competitors, somewhere. The dangers of not using your own eyes were immediately apparent.

D3: Rain
Our third ship of competitors continued along a similar flight path as the remainder of the competitors, only to abruptly halt in place; already agitated fighters became even more on edge at the jarring impact along the already tightly packed structure. Various expletives coming out in numerous languages roared within the ship at what felt like a seemingly relentless pace.

The slow descent relaxed the competitors momentarily, though the relaxation was shortly lived with a sudden permeation of metal clanging along the outside of the ship that forced the bodies within it to yell in order to be heard. They abandoned the interior of their ship and stepped into what appeared to be an unending downpour, where the only point of audibility was the rain pattering on and around them.

The fourth transport traveled due north along the same flight path, stopping only a short distance ahead of the third ship, descending at a relatively slow pace. The 56 competitors glanced around at one another upon exiting the ship, nervously awaiting whatever was due to strike them, as many of them faced challenges similar to this in the past. Within eyeshot were numerous structures, rather tall in stature.

Within seconds, a deep, well-timed rumbling beneath the challengers’ feet created unfathomably strong pulses, simulating the intermittence of earthquake aftershocks. Trees uprooted, smaller buildings — shattered. Then… silence. A perpetual sequence of calamity and serenity was occasionally interrupted by a heavily synthesized voice, one that continued to chuckle at their path of destruction.

Transport five veered very far west, settling near the border just outside of a well-illuminated metropolis, a rather fitting destination for a competition of this density. As the fighters departed from the ship, they all found themselves fixating at the various points of the unkempt city limits. The enticement wasn’t the stunning vista, but rather the sequencing of large neon arrows pointing in all different directions, each of them marked “GO HERE” in different languages, some of which were native to this unfamiliar locale. Exploration of the high-class appeared to be a secondary — perhaps, tertiary goal.

D6: kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!!
Transport six stood the course for a rather extended period, taking an easterly berth away from the remaining ships before slowing itself down and lowering itself to the terrain. Filing out one by one, the fighters arrived at what appeared to be an exceptionally futuristic city. Many of the abandoned buildings all featured the same tall, slender and monochromatic appearance, with lights of blinding brightness.

“What the hell?” Competitor focus shifted to the transport’s operator as he began to swat his own body furiously. “Look out!” At a moment’s notice, the gauntlet participants began to scatter after setting eyes upon numerous pink-colored androids whose motions produced a gentle buzzing around along the metallic surface. Hundreds, if not thousands of them began to skitter about, all with heart-shaped eyes and open arms.

D7: Inferno of Fomalhaut
The second to last transport sped along, quite far away from the remaining ship headed due north, running into a tremendous level of turbulence along the way. Even as the ship gained clearance to land, the shuddering grew to extreme force. The group found themselves awaiting their objective on a dark and stable — but fragmented landscape. Between the naturally formed gaps were a highly luminescent shade of red that emanated a substantial amount of heat.

A loud roar heard in the distance was accompanied by an ear-shattering crash — the terrain shook heavily and spurts of an unknown substance resembling that illuminated color sizzled in the distance. Just another thing to look out for.

D8: G e n g a o z o
The last transport lagged a bit behind the seventh before eventually taking an eastward path as well. After a short bit of travel, forward motion ceased to exist. Unlike the others, the commander seemed to have no interest in landing. “I’ve no interest in giving you brutes the luxury of engaging in these battles. But, since all you brutes want to do is smash everything in your way, I guess I have no choice.”

The commander begrudgingly lowered the altitude of the ship to let out the fiercest of them all, settling within the center of an old, retired arena. It was in ruins, clearly standing the test of numerous skirmishes.

With all ships landed, large screens seemingly split along the horizon illuminated the sky. No face was clear on them but an absolutely obnoxious backing track complemented a voice that resonated loudly enough to be heard from any point.

“Fight, and earn your keep.” It was hard to be taken seriously with the hilarious amalgamation of music behind the voice. It would become suppressed shortly after.

“Or don’t.”

-TC_Halogen & psychoangel691

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