12th Official Tournament: Round 7

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on September 21st, 2019

The semifinals round of the 12th Official FFR tournament is already upon us. It feels like we just started the thing, yet by this time two weeks from today, we will have crowned our divisional champions.

Let’s move on to our songs for the week.

D1: Power Rocket
Welcome to the big leagues, D1! A chart fit for the starting point two divisions up (a usual event by this point of the tournament), justin_ator‘s first appearance in this tournament with Dr. Ozi’s Power Rocket brings large quantities of mid-speed, low-density jumpstreaming. In between those long bouts of densities are some good mixups in rhythms, and even sparsely placed 32nd note mini-trills.
D2: Rabbit And Warlord
Our top 5 gets cut to 3 with Terrain Tilt’s Rabbit And Warlord, charted by Elekton. This glitchy, breakbeat-style song gets some fantastic attention to detail through Elekton’s simfiling prowess, who makes a solid chart that is quite technical in structure, featuring numerous difficult patterning structures that include a large variety of interlaced jacks, bursts, and just tough to contend with pattern collisions. Avoiding bad judgments in this chart will be a tall task for the remaining players.
D3: Celestial Horizon [Another]
hi19hi19 brings an additional version of Celestial Horizon into the game that has been aptly marked as an [Another] difficulty, and D3 gets to face off on it to determine the finalists of the tournament. Unlike the very clean counterpart chart produced by TheToaphster, hi19hi19 delivers a chart that takes the bursty approach, following all of the percussive flourishes. Despite having overall less layering compared to the previously in game chart, this version packs a serious punch in difficulty and requires a solid amount of control to be successful, making it the idea semi-final chart for D3.
D4: Alien Lair
Oh yes. Shnabubula for semi-finals, and a good one this is. MarioNintendo utilizes yet another free-form masterpiece from our favorite improvisational artist and delivers a chart with extreme technicality. Complicated rhythms, tough structures, heavy layering, jacks, polyrhythms – just about everything that would give most players trouble can be found in this chart, and players have to contend with over 3 minutes of it with minimal break.
D5: LeaF Style Super Shredder 3
TheToaphster makes a third appearance in this tournament with LeaF Style Super Shredder 3. Compared to previous Division 5 songs, this runs at a substantial tempo – 260 BPM to be exact. While speedier players may fare better with some of the not-so-relevant-for-scoring sections of this chart, numerous extremely difficult, high-speed bursts and challenging pattern transitions will put a damper on that advantage relatively quickly.
D6: Firmament Castle “velier”
Likely a super popular file in Etterna circles, hi19hi19‘s chart for ueotan’s Firmament Castle Velier has one intent and one intent only: to drain your stamina to empty and force you to operate on fumes. Success in this file comes from… you guessed it: raw stamina. Individual sections of this song are likely trivial for the remainder of D6 players, but being able to sustain the structure from start to finish with basically no break is what will separate the finalists from the eliminations.
D7: The Little Devil’s Heart Pounding Amusement Park
Also likely a well-known file in the Etterna scene, YoshL and Gradiant’s Bursts of a Teitoku Kai chart for The Little Devil’s Heart Pounding Amusement Park makes an appearance to determine the top three players of D7, and boy is this file a rough one. Failing in any one skill-set at any given point will likely be the end of a solid run, as this chart has a number of extreme polyrhythmic stream sections, nasty colored bursts, trills, streams, minijacks… the works, and it is most certainly not shy to push players around with rude patterning transitions either.
…well then. PriestREA and rCaliberGX couldn’t settle the score by round’s end. We’ll make you wish that you had, though. As a result for not beating one another in a conventional manner, you now get to face off on Yuuyu’s Ra Variationen, an absolute monster of a chart by the stepartist that you D7 players have all banded to love to hate: DarkZtar. Yeah, that’s right. You’re not allowed to have nice things.
D8: Fireball
In my dreams, Kayla and AJ come to me crying “help us cornman etienne is AAAing everything you’re our last hope to stop him” and I smile and pull out my big dick FIREBALL chart and slay D7 once and for all. Well, this isn’t D7. But slay away, cornman. Slay away.

On top of the songs released for this round of the tournament, four additional bonus songs have been released.

Musician: Cosmovibe
Step Artist: bmah
Difficulty: 33
Song Length: 2:19

Tope Doge
Musician: Maxo
Step Artist: PrawnSkunk
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 2:29

Gate Openerz
Musician: DJ Sharpnel
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Difficulty: 89
Song Length: 2:26

Musician: DOT96
Step Artist: gameboy42690
Song Length: 2:07

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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  7. Holy shit gate openerz and firmament castle velier, two of my favorite songs. Good song additions/10

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