12th Official Tournament: Round 5

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on September 6th, 2019

As we push past the halfway point of the tournament, the remaining competitors will all be fighting for their right to be in the top 8 of their corresponding division!

D1: rainy beauty [Standard]
rainy beauty by Rabbit Bat makes another appearance in the tournament after giving D4 some grief earlier on, this time showing itself with the [Standard] difficulty variant. bmah‘s lower-level variant of this chart gives D1 a bit more of a push by forcing them to contend with some of the fastest consistent structure they’ve had to contend with, giving them numerous broken 16th note streams with somewhat technical patterning, featuring some slower repeated notes and bits of one-handed reliance.
D2: A.SHU.R.A.-Frontier ReMix-
D2 gets to experience one of the four divisional bloodbaths, knocking out just shy of half of the field on this round on the path to top 8. To top it off, they get tasked with a very tough file with respect to their division. TAK’s A.SHU.R.A.-Frontier ReMix-, charted by bmah kicks the difficulty up to an already difficult D2 song roster and opens up the floodgates with higher densities of jumpstreaming, unrelenting patterning, and just when you feel a break is coming — oof, sequences of jacks alternating in and out of layering. The struggle along the bottom will be real, as 15 competitors gets cut to 8 at round’s end.
D3: Let’s Get Crunk
The aggression in lower divisions continues with some pretty interesting dubstep – Let’s Get Crunk by Gammer. rushyrulz‘s first appearance in the tournament comes with a pretty tricky chart featuring a multitude of moderate-speed jumpstreaming that coexists with numerous uncomfortable mini-jack sequences that, while fitting with the song, require a respectable amount of control.
D4: Poison AND OR Affection
D4 actually catches a little bit of a break in terms of difficulty increase with LeaF’s Poison AND OR Affection, charted by none other than AutotelicBrown. Found in this song are some pretty specific quantized rhythms and numerous higher-speed stream blips, repeated numerous times with occasionally split-handed patterning. This relatively tepid increase in difficulty comes at an interesting time: when half of the field is to be cut.
D5: 8bit Adventurer
DarkZtar makes appearance #9 in the 12th Official FFR Tournament with Lime’s 8bit Adventurer, opening the gates to D5 to the world of high density/technicality — in just under 2 minutes, this file nets 1676 notes and is quite aggressive. Jumpstreams, short bursts of handstreams, mini-jacks, polyrhythmic streaming, heavy layering… this file has a ton to deal with, making it an ideal contender for the round that determines the top 8 of the division.
D6: Antigravity
bmah comes up with the hat trick for round 5 with a very intense song by t+pazolite, called Antigravity. While this song has a fairly similar average density as 8bit Adventurer, the chart carries a tighter distribution of notes with some sections having brutally fast transitions of high-speed, heavily layered jumpstreaming. On top of it, jacks and burst come to spice the chart up even more, making scoring even tougher than before. Just like D4 and D5, D6 has a brutal fight to the death with half of the field getting knocked out in the round.
D7: to luv me i *** for u
t+pazolite gets a double feature in this round of the 12th Official Tournament, with a track that likely sounds very familiar. hi19hi19 brings the original to luv me i *** for u for D7 to cut from 13 competitors to 8. With it comes extremely long sequences of anchor-heavy 220 BPM jumpstream set up in a way where mirroring does nothing more than shift around the prospective mindblocks. The structure gets intercepted halfway into the song multiple bouts of 24th streaming, putting higher frequencies of emphasis on streaming that exceeds previous round Verse IV’s pace.
D8: Extratone Firestorm
D8 might be owed an apology for pushing the difficulty to this level with three rounds to go, but we’ve unfortunately run out of them to give. Suck it up. Annoying Ringtone brings another well… extratone… song to FFR by way of Extratone Firestorm, an initially 2 minute long song charted by hi19hi19 that was extended ever so slightly by TC_Halogen out of paranoia of D8 crushing everything in their way. Bursts reminiscent of Metro find their way into this chart, but perhaps the most notable thing: Division 8 gets to be the guinea pigs of uncharted territory on FFR – sustained 300 BPM jumpstreaming. Around that are also some jacks and occasional funky burst patterns. Weeeee.

Four bonus files are also released with the eight tournament files – that’s right: 12 files this week!

Tea Time
Musician: YMCK
Step Artist: dashoe93
Song Genre: Arcade
Difficulty: 28
Song Length: 1:29

Teeny Weeny String Bikini
Musician: Gunther and the Sunshine Girls
Step Artist: Reshiram
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 54
Song Length: 1:52

Highways of Ice
Musician: Ultra Raptor
Step Artist: Hateandhatred & samurai7694
Song Genre: Rock
Difficulty: 49
Song Length: 4:09

No Reply
Musician: Nvoise
Step Artist: Deamerai
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 91
Song Length: 2:46

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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  1. Extratone Firestorm’s link goes to to luv me i *** for u, I almost got a heart attack when I saw the scores lol

  2. gunther hell yeah

  3. I could have sworn luv me was already a song on this site.

    And the man behind the Ding Dong Song returns to FFR. This ought to be good.

    And the chart on that D8 song looks rather scary. Gotta be a 109. At the end of this tournament we could very well have a chart that passes Undici’s 110

  4. To luv me has a reprise on the site

  5. Highways of ice, happy birthday me!

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