12th Official Tournament: Round 4

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on August 31st, 2019

We’re almost at the halfway point of this tournament, and the competitors in the division are finally starting to shape up as the difficulty of charts continues to increase.

D1: Forgotten Story
D1 gets a sharp ramp up in difficulty as we transition towards our top 16; congratulations to all remaining competitors for gaining the Fractured Sunshine token (though it might be a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle too hard for you guys for now)! 25% of the remaining field will be cut for the lowest performances on Lunatic Sounds’ Forgotten Story, charted by Elekton. With respect to Division 1, this is actually a very technical chart – there are numerous high-speed 8th note streams, embedded 16th notes (those yellows are a bit fast, no?), and ample instances of heavy layering with triples and doubles that are mixed with other tiny blips.
D2: Dirty
Sevendust brings FFR a fantastic rock song charted by DarkZtar, to cut to our top 15, with the bubble of the group rounding out the top 16 token recipients; that’s right – there’s reason to fight even if you think you can’t get out of the yellow, as the top performing eliminated player this round will also receive the elusive Fractured Sunshine token. Dirty pushes D2′s required speed up a fair bit, forcing them to contend with not only large amounts of layered 16th streams, but numerous sprints of unlayered 24th note streams that come out to above 13 notes per second. They also get the second longest song of this round, as well. Gotta move fast.
D3: Steel River
This song is strange on many fronts. Compared to the traditionally energetic pieces produced by Colorful Sounds Port, Steel River is quite relaxed and not overly peppy or aggressive. To add to the identity confusion, this bmah chart definitely plays differently than numerous others in game with overall structure to the song. That being said, it still follows the bmah tradition of hitting hard somewhere – the meat of this chart comes with 160 BPM 16th note equivalent layered jumpstream that demands respectable one-handed balance and jumpstream control.
D4: Amnolys
When looking for the traditional, high-impact bmah we know and love, this is likely the more reminiscent route. Poised to be used in the previous official but barely missing the cut due to some chart shifting, onoken’s Amnolys makes a special appearance in this year’s roster, bringing D4 that familiar bmah-esque technicality. D4′s starting to get introduced to some really complicated structures, as this marks their first interaction with unrelenting mixing of incongruent rhythmic structures (our lovely polyrhythms, or Ampolys as it has been lovingly referred to as). D4 also gets to deal with pretty difficult patterns as well. Survive this round, and a top 16 position will be secured with your first prize of the tournament!
D5: Area A (Shatterhand)
Our favorite improvisational soloist comes to wreak havoc on our Division 5 players. MarioNintendo provides an excellent chart for a beautiful Shnabubula track whose musical structure is undeniably diverse. Unsurprisingly, MarioNintendo‘s proficiency as a simfile artist allowed him to run absolutely wild with unpredictability, as this chart is put together to keep players on their toes from start to finish, demanding focus for just shy of 3 and a half minutes. A far cry from the awkwardly structured Start Over, Area A throws just about everything it can in a way that feels surprisingly smooth… if you can do it.
D6: Sayonara Cosmonaut
AAAA (pun absolutely intended). Say hello to FFR’s newest Simfile Artist – TheToaphster! You most definitely would not think this is his first (and well technically, he’s got a pretty established presence on another popular rhythm game, ayoooo), but hot damn, glad it is. This glorious collaboration between AAAA and Umeboshi Chazuke brings over 2 and a half minutes of chiptune-like goodness that requires substantial finesse, control and speed in a good majority of skillsets to be successful. Also comes with an absolutely delectable solo.
D7: Verse IV
DarkZtar has found a way to assault a good majority of the competitors in this tournament, leaving only D4 yet to face his wrath as of this point in the tournament. Division 7 gets a lovely thrashing from DarkZtar through a likely familiar song to our osu!mania competitors (and any Sound Voltex players): Zographos’ Verse IV. Yet another song that inspires absolute chaos for Division 7, this one takes a much more forceful approach through consistent barrages of speed, including a reasonably extended 24th note stream that pushes the boundary of over 21 notes per second with 0 layering used to pad that number upward. With a myriad of very uncomfortable patterns and brutal transitions into and out of sections, players are going to have an exceptionally difficult time keeping their scores clean – and an even harder time maximizing them.
D8: That’s Gonna Be
…this chart. Woo boy. So… yeah. Terminal 11′s That’s Gonna Be, charted by Shxfted – is an experience. This chart absolutely shatters playability conventions for D8 by removing the traditional physical requirement and instead replacing it with a speed requirement not usually seen. Some of the bursts in this song are so fast, FFR simply has no idea what the hell to do. FFR’s engine likely was not programmed with the thought of intermittent 510 BPM 16th note bursts (you heard that right) and absolute explosions of every possible note color in numerous bursts, but here we are. The saving grace of this chart is that the patterns are easy to perform… though the subjectivity of that term must be taken into account given the speed and overall difficulty of pattern transitioning. When the file’s not dealing with unfathomably fast rainbow-colored walls, there are some extended sequences of 16th note jacks at 170 BPM and some 32nd bursts/streams requiring solid control of unorthodox patterning.

In addition to the tournament files that were released for the round, three new bonus files have been added to the game as well – totalling the number of releases to 11.

That Distant Shore
Musician: Video Game Remixes ft. Slyleaf
Step Artist: rushyrulz
Song Genre: Arcade
Difficulty: 27
Song Length: 2:31

Musician: LOLI RIPE
Step Artist: floatiestring
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 26
Song Length: 0:51

Blue Army V2
Musician: DJ Sharpnel
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Genre: Purchased [5,000]
Difficulty: 87
Song Length: 3:11

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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