12th Official Tournament: Round 3

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on August 23rd, 2019

Round 3 already? Time is flying. This round features not only a bunch of good songs for play, but also features content from generally unfamiliar users – with 6 of the 8 charts coming from people who prior to this release, have 1 or no files in game!

D1: Pikachu’s Lament [Red]
Congratulations to gold stinger for getting their first FFR chart in game! The Living Tombstone’s Pikachu’s Lament [Red] introduces D1 to their first taste of more complicated structures, featuring some slower 16th notes intertwined with layering, complex rhythms and even a color inversion that introduces larger amounts of unfamiliar visuals. On top of it all, they contend with this battle for just a shade under 3 minutes. Song pops pretty good.
D2: Marble Mountain
D2 also gets a pretty poppin’ song – this one composed by Flashygoodness, an artist whose last appearance on FFR was over 5 years ago. Ghost_Medley joins the ranks of R1 Simfile Author with Marble Mountain, a fairly technical chart with ample streaming, blips of flams and some shorter jumpstreams.
D3: Old Skool
For our first scheduled break from the newbies (<3), Televisor’s second song in FFR comes courtesy of bmah … who coincidentally also introduced FFR to Televisor in the first place. Anyway, Old Skool takes the song tempo down a bit, but replaces the chart with noticeably heavier layering that requires ability to stay steady through slow but fairly dense 16th note jumpstreams (and handstreams).
D4: EBONY & IVORY [Standard]
Ghost_Medley‘s introduction to the 12th Official Tournament and well – FFR in general, doesn’t stop with Marble Mountain. D4 players get to contend with a familiar face around these rhythm gaming parts, OSTER Project. EBONY & IVORY [Standard] is a surprisingly technical chart that offers numerous opportunities to make a mistake, between regular streaming, jumpstreaming, colored trilling (with and without percussion cues), anchors, and a taste of some 24th streams — and at a much higher tempo than rainy beauty [Heavy].
D5: Start Over
Who would have thought that the first appearance for Terminal 11 was going to be in D5? That’s the reality we’re living in right now. Excelling D5 players should hopefully have their hands tied with a chart by up-and-coming simfile artist Pizza69, who only had one song in-game prior to this point. Start Over is the second longest file for this round with a duration of 3:08, and it packs quite a punch: more than 1000 of the notes come in the last 50% of the song. Start Over aims to target D5′s technical consistency by tossing them some fairly uncomfortable jumpstreams, transitions, mini-jack collisions and a few nasty bursts.
D6: Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion
DarkZtar makes their 6th appearance in the 12th FFR Official Tournament with Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion, by YZYX. While this chart features a touch less in the way of overall song tempo compared to the previous round, it makes up for requiring higher speed capabilities in streaming and an exceptional level of control to handle the final 400 notes, involving some heavy high-speed trilling, layering, bursts – the whole nine.
Welcome back, Elekton! Thank you so very much for sending this thing of beauty to be unleashed on tournament competitors. D7 gets to face off against BMS artist Se-U-Ra’s LOSHAXI. This chart is exceptional and quite self-describing: this song embodies the meaning of chaos and the chart absolutely reflects that. Players will be pitted against extremely uncomfortable, pitch-relevant patterning between chords, jacks, jumpstreams, colored bursts, jumpstreams, etc. The only consolation that D7 players have to having to tame this kind of beast is that the song duration is quite short – at 1:34, this is actually the shortest song of the round. In those 94 seconds, it racks up 1337 notes even with short breaks.
D8: Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips
The frequency of which new content creators get charts of exceptionally high difficulty into the game early on in their charting “careers” is exceptionally low. Ghost_Medley makes a THIRD appearance in this round, and boy is it a crazy one. Just when we thought Kurorak’s mashcore songs couldn’t possibly breach higher in difficulty, FFR receives yet another installment in the series: Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips. Running for the majority of the song at 270 BPM, players will have to simply brute-force their way through nearly 4 minutes of unrelenting structure. Somewhere along the way, a sprinkle of Powerflux (at almost 1.1x rate) joins the party as well.

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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