12th Official Tournament: Round 2

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on August 16th, 2019

Hello again! A new week, a new round. For those of you who are not one of the at least 67 people being eliminated from the gauntlet – congratulations! You made it (perhaps by the skin of your teeth) and are one week closer to prizes, and perhaps a division championship. Without further ado, let’s get right to the round 2 songs.

D1: Red Tint
Round 2′s chart for D1, Red Tint, enters the game as the new lowest difficulty offering for a song by popular artist S.S.H. – while operating at a lower tempo than the previous round, DarkZtar gives our players a bit more in the way of pattern variation and introduces some extended 24th streaming to push D1 a bit on the speed front. (I’m actually interested if some of the melodies in this song remind anyone of a particular game. Drop some comments on the FPP – I’m legitimately curious, since it reminded our entire household here.)
D2: Mindreader
Oh yes, it’s time for some meaty dubstep, coming from the mega-talented Virtual Riot, whose music has some how only made three appearances before today on FFR. DarkZtar scores yet another chart into the tournament roster with Mindreader, a fairly (by D2 standards) technical chart that has some relatively tricky patterning and opens up with some sustained near-10 note-per-second stream, before mixing things up with some layered 16th sprints and rhythmic mixups.
D3: Starchaser
The EDM ride continues! Psychotik makes their first mark both in this tournament and on FFR with Coyote Kisses’ Starchaser, and D3 will get a bit of a push in terms of overall difficulty. Not only can players expect some reasonable density in patterns, but some of these patterns occasionally have some quick repeated taps falling into and out of doubles/jumps.
D4: rainy beauty [Heavy]
Veteran stepartist bmah makes their first of two appearances in this round with D4′s rainy beauty [Heavy]. The joviality of the song is counteracted by a fairly aggressive chart featuring dense low-speed jumpstreams, layered 24th note scales, numerous mini-jacks and overall difficult patterning that promises to give even the stronger D4 players a challenge.
Impressive round 1, D5. Too good in fact. Enter AVALON by SASAKURATION, bmah‘s second file for this round. AVALON isn’t quite as technical as the other bmah chart in this round – however, it demands one-handed control and jumpstream ability a bit more than expected, all culminating in an unbroken 16th note jumpstream that goes on for a respectable amount of time.
D6: Lamuscore
D6 dips their toes into some high speed content having to fight against PrawnSkunk and his chart for Mekuso’s Lamuscore. This 240 BPM breakcore song carries a good mix of tricky patterning between some fairly aggressive jump usage combined with 16th bursts while pushing players around with sections of unbroken streams, short 32nd bursts, and a variety of flams to force players to be attentive and focused to not trash their score.
D7: October (Dark Autumn Remix)
To the poor, poor souls who thought that once they got rid of Xandertrax’s old chart for October from their radar, it would never resurface again: it’s back and it wants to play once more with a shiny new soundscape. October (Dark Autumn Remix) is a remix both composed and charted by TC_Halogen that takes musical and chart structures as inspiration from the original counterpart released more than a decade ago. D7 players will face substantial amounts of mindblockable 32nd note bursts, added mini-jacks, heavier layering, more difficult transitions, and an entirely unique breakcore soli that brings a fresh technical perspective that doesn’t exist in the original.
D8: Nest Wanderflux
The chiptune breakcore has not left D8, showcasing resident musician and elite keysmasher Aquellex‘s’ prowess of LSDJ with their mashup of Powerflux and Wanderlust. Their creation, Wanderflux, turns the intensity up to 15 out of 10 with a song whose tempo basically sits on the top-end boundary of possibility with their tool of choice – running at a blistering 255 BPM, the song is loaded with huge rushes of kicks, high speed chip melodies and numerous noise effects that aid to produce a TC_Halogen chart that is brutally difficult, as expected with this newly created division.

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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