12th Official Tournament: Final Round

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on September 27th, 2019

This is it – the moment that everyone has been waiting for: the finals of the 12th Official FFR OT. One more song for each division (hopefully…) to determine the best of the best remaining players and crown our champions. There is a lot to cover, so let’s get through it all.

D1: before…
As if Power Rocket wasn’t enough to batter the remaining D1 players and force their introduction into higher level content, before… by yassu takes things up another notch by featuring substantially longer and denser jumpstreams. AutotelicBrown‘s chart is packed not only loaded with these, some more complicated rhythms can be found while handling the heavy streams and layering.
D2: Aublia
Aublia brings back a familiar and loved artist to the world of FFR for the D2 finals – Onoken. D2′s final packs a serious punch delivered by experienced simfile artist, bmah, who quickly reminds you that a D2 file can be rather punishing. Opening out with some pretty dense jumpstreaming as far as D2 is concerned, the file quickly opens up the technicality flood gates and throws a wide arsenal of patterns, rhythms and structures that would give even seasoned players a run for their money.
D3: -Ricochet Love-
Waterflame’s -Ricochet Love- sets the stage for D3′s final three players with a chart by DarkZtar that targets players’ physical abilities and overall focus. Contending with broken jumpstream for a good majority of the chart, players get interrupted with a fairly severe spike in difficulty with some short jacks in between layering before demanding consistency once more, peaking at some 3-note 16th note patterns that all end in triples, making it an exhausting venture both physically and mentally.
D4: Perihelion / Aphelion
Another great entry to the Kurorak library on FFR, gameboy42690‘s chart for Perihelion / Aphelion tests cohesion and split-prevention with fairly fast and dense patterning. Opening up rather innocuously, the song’s pace starts reasonable, increasing to a quicker pace with the same patterns which introduces a seriously threatening opportunity for mindblocks and other punishing results.
D5: Rainbow Night Parade
D5′s players will square off against one another on Rainbow Night Parade, a streamy, dense and rather rigid chart by AutotelicBrown. Rainbow Night Parade brings the D5 players some heavy jumpstreaming with fairly uncomfortable patterning, transitioning into and out of bursts through fairly heavy layering. Trill-oriented patterning forces players to exert a bit more heavily to maintain control and this file is generally unrelenting once it gets going, adding a stamina component.
D6: Cest What
D6′s first Terminal 11 song will also be their last song in the tournament. Cest What, charted by DarkZtar, is… basically what one would expect for a high-level Terminal 11 file. Plentiful bursts of varying rhythms at extremely high speeds, difficult transitioning into and out of many and generally tough to score on. While it is a heavily back-loaded chart in terms of difficulty, the earlier parts of this chart are not to be slept on either. While the latter half requires an incredible amount of burst control and extremely dense reading, the earlier half brings out heavy split-handed patterning and numerous two-framer jacks for accenting.
D7: Mishnu
Terminal 11 continues a path of destruction on the remaining players in D7, with multiplayer moderator Deamerai throwing Mishnu into the fray. As a high-level Terminal 11 file, this file can likely be described in a similar manner as Cest What – numerous bursts at high speeds with difficult transitions that are brutally dense: however, Mishnu takes away the uncomfortable jacks from Cest What and replaces them with onslaughts of absolutely insane patterning that will cause even some of the best players in the game issues in terms of execution. At 3 minutes and 13 seconds, the number of areas where something can go wrong and destroy a score is fairly high.
D8: Crystal Chamber Combustion (bike)
There’s not much that can be said about this file. At the end of the day, players may argue about the difficulty of this chart compared to its predecessors, but let’s get something straight: Aquellex’s Crystal Chamber Combustion (bike), charted by AutotelicBrown is the most physically unrelenting file this game has that will receive a serious difficulty rating. Removing the opening notes from this chart and leaving in the break section at 33 seconds in still puts this file at an average of 25.4 NPS for the entirety of it, an unprecedented value for something that actually has legitimate patterns to be performed and isn’t an entire sequence of jumptrilling. 260 BPM dense jumpstreaming, handstreaming, split-handed jumptrilling, bursts/walls and a stamina requirement that literally only the world’s best can dream of – despite being only 92 seconds, including breaks… it has 2268 steps.

This round also features two sets of additional releases: four bonus files, and new event tokens that can be picked for prizes!

Bonus Songs

Koi No Sibou Flag
Musician: MOSAIC.WAV
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Difficulty: 96
Song Length: 3:14

Musician: Orange Dust
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Difficulty: 87
Song Length: 3:36

Musician: DanJohansen
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Difficulty: 71
Song Length: 4:26

Stay Alive With Style!
Musician: DanJohansen
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 1:38

Event Tokens
** Note: Difficulties have yet to be assigned to these tokens.

Gerudo Valley
Musician: Machinae Supremacy
Step Artist: gameboy42690
Song Length: 2:26

Reckless, but Spotless
Musician: t+pazolite
Step Artist: Gradiant & Charu
Song Length: 2:51

*Mario Trap will be taking the place of the originally announced 3rd event token.*

Best of luck to the remaining competitors!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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