Songs of the Week (August 1st, 2014) + short updates

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Hey guys, it’s been quite a while since the last SotW update. I’m going to keep it generally brief compared to our more talented article publishers.

Here are the details for the four songs this week.

Careless Prince Came Back From The Adventure
Musician: ASK
Step Artist: MrPopadopalis25
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 65
Song Length: 3:19

Thunder Light
Musician: S.S.H.
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Rock
Difficulty: 74
Song Length: 2:52

Gruntilda’s Final Battle
Musician: Grant Kirkhope
Step Artist: Charu
Song Genre: Arcade
Difficulty: 64
Song Length: 3:03

The Formula
Musician: Junk
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 62
Song Length: 2:21

Also, I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know that the 10th Official Tournament is still in the planning process, and that I didn’t forget about it under any circumstance. One of the largest challenges at the moment is waiting for desired batches to conclude — there is only one more left to be potentially incorporated into the tournament roster. From there, it should be possible to generate a nearly filled tournament structure. I am announcing on the front page (to put pressure on myself, as I hate breaking my word) that I am aiming to have tournament signups open by the second week of September.

My apologies to all of you guys that have been waiting; it won’t be too much longer as long as things go as planned.

- TC_Halogen
- Special thanks to Xiz for the FPP graphic, as usual.

August 2014 Site Updates

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Hello again, FFR community! We’re back for another installment of monthly updates. Once again, all updates are built with forward compatibility in mind, and will be easily migrated to the new site once it is complete.

What’s New?
All forum usergroup titles have been replaced with new usergroup icons designed by Silvuh! With this change, we are hoping to cut down on the clutter below the forum usernames, while giving content creators, moderators and developers more recognition for their hard work in our community. Discuss this change here!
PrawnSkunk, Silvuh, Zageron

The FFR Events and Tournaments sub-forums now feature thread prefixes: [Registration Open], [In Progress] and [Concluded]. The new Latest Events sidebar section uses these tags to automatically track active tournaments, contests and events.
PrawnSkunk, Zageron

The FFR Forum index has received a complete overhaul. After some collaboration with the contributors of Pseudo Enigma’s forum structure thread, the forums are now better organized, and much easier to navigate. The Veteran and Multilayer Plaza sub-forums have been removed indefinitely due to severe inactivity.
–  PrawnSkunk, Zageron

[youtube] bbtags will no longer load automatically, they will only embed their video when the spoiler tag is opened. This will improve loading times drastically on pages which contain many embedded Youtube videos.

arcnmx‘s Recently Played Songs page has been around for a while, however at some point in the past it stopped displaying links to watchable replays. The problem was located and repaired. Visit the page at any time to watch what other people have been playing in the last few minutes!

When transferring credits to other players, you may now attach a message to your transaction.
See you all again next month,
FFR Design & Development

FFR StepCon II: Sign-ups open!

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Welcome to the 2nd Official FFR StepCon — with a twist! It will take three rounds, and one month of vicious head-bobbing to officially crown The Iron Stepman. We hope you enjoy our many twists to come, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

How it works!

Participants will be split into randomized groups for each round. Each group will be given a different song to step. You will be given one week to complete your stepfile to the best of your ability. Every round, half of each group will be eliminated; the best received charts move on to the next round, where all qualifiers will be randomized into new groups. Last one standing wins.


1st Place:
* 1 tournament file of your choice will be automatically released into FFR*
* Physical FFR “All Skill” Token (+ free shipping worldwide!)
* $100 cash

2nd Place:
* 1 tournament file of your choice will be automatically accepted into FFR queue*
* $50 cash

3rd Place:
* 1 tournament file of your choice will be automatically accepted into FFR queue*
* $25 cash

4th – 5th Place:
* $10 cash

6th – 8th Place:
* $5 cash

For more info and to sign up, click HERE.

~Xiz & PrawnSkunk


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Because of the major forum overhauls that occurred today, you may find yourself with a problem.

Things which are supposed to have changed:
- Profile Picture uploading (You shouldn’t be able to see this anyway.)
- Signature Picture uploading (Use IMG tags.)
- Attachments (These are useless, use file hosting sites.)
- Your “staff” threads have all been moved into the staff forums.
- Some users have migrated user classes, we consolidated and removed a lot.
- Double check for your forum, as most of the names have changed.

If you are experiencing:
- Loss of an important forum section you previously had. (Except veteran.)
- Inability to post in forums where you were previously able to.
- An overfull PM inbox.
- Some other weird problem?

Please post here, and I will try to fix things for you!


p.s. The changes are not final just yet, so if there is something that stabs you in the face just post here.

July 2014 Site Updates

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Hello again fine FFR community,
We have been hard at work developing new features which are able to be deployed on both the legacy and development sites. This means that while the new website may be a fair distance away, we are able to deliver brand new content to you without losing time developing them!

A new live-stream directory is now available which provides an area for viewing active FFR, SM, and Osu!!
PrawnSkunk, Zageron

The Flash Flash Revolution FAQ has been completely reworked and given a fancy new page.
foxfire667, PrawnSkunk

The two sidebars sported in various locations around FFR have been updated.
PrawnSkunk, Zageron

Credit Jackpot has been removed from FFR due to extreme lack of activity and interest.

FFR Design & Development

Small Update

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Hello FFR,

- Added /ignore feature to Prochat. Ignore your friend’s messages, PMs and Buzzes. Try to ignore staff, fail.
- Added IRC reminiscent symbols to chat for class differentiation. (Because of the new colour store.)
- Added /help function to prochat. Displays available commands.
- Replaced the profile tournament badges with new versions. Drop shadow removed. (credit: PrawnSkunk)

Have a good day! :D

Announcements & Downtime

Update 2:
And back.
– Zag

We’ve fixed the issue with the forum, and also fixed what caused it.
We suggest you change your password for your own assurance of safety.

Hello FFR,
Just a few things I thought you’d like to know!

- We will likely be experiencing some heavy downtime Sunday, while FFR is moved to another server and service provider.
- We are aware that the forum header is missing. It made us laugh, and we’re going to figure out the easiest way to fix it as soon as possible.
- There have been some big updates to the R^3 engine recently, go check it out!


Songs of the Week – (May 31st, 2014)

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Fried Eggs In My Ear
Musician: Otto Von Schirach
Step Artist: DossarLX ODI
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 73
Song Length: 1:31
Good morning everyone! After a long and hardy night of partying, you open your eyes to find out that you have accidentally spent the night with DossarLX ODI. The sun is shining, and the stereotypical cliche of a rooster is giving it’s ol’ cock-a-doodle-dooooo. Hungry? Why not try some Fried Eggs In My Ear stepped by your one night stand Dossar? This breakfast file will sure to give you all the vitamins and nutrients to start off your day! Sure, it might come with a small side effect of insanity, but who wouldn’t want that in the morning?

Tsumeawase Pt. 3
Musician: Yosk!
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Skill Token
Difficulty: 75
Song Length: 1:33
All of a sudden you realize, oh crap I’m late for work. What should you do? Freak out, put on your headphones and jam out to Tsumeawase Part 3 stepped by our good friend bmah. You bolt out the door, forgetting your briefcase, and forgetting to take your kid to daycare. Oh, and Dossar is still in your bed and alone with your kid. You don’t bother taking your car and just run to work, hoping that you will get there on time. Down the street, down the expressway, over fences and buildings like a pro you go. You arrive to work and sit down at your desk. Out of nowhere your boss approaches you after noticing you being late by a good two minutes. He then fires you right on the spot. Good game sir, good game.

Post-Human Dirge
Musician: Clonepa
Step Artist: Silvuh
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 61
Song Length: 3:16
As you start clearing your desk remembering all the fun times you had working at a cauliflower distributing plant, you take a look at a photo of your right hand, because you clearly have no girlfriend. Ever since your right hand died to the super-villain of the city, Toxophilis, you never had time to take revenge due to the importance of your job. But now is your time to shine. You press play on your 1980′s boom box and on comes Post-Human Dirge by Clonepa stepped by our very own Silvuh. You take a look at your superhero outfit conveniently placed in your bottom shelf at work. You grab it and put it on. You tie on your cape with pride. You head for the window. That cute girl from accounting comes in and screams, asking who you are… You turn your head slightly with your back to her and reply… “They used to call me Profit… Remember me”. You jump out of the window and begin your new quest to find the one woman who killed your right hand.

~ Xiz

Songs of the Week – (May 24th, 2014)

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Musician: Nero’s Day at Disneyland
Step Artist: DossarLX ODI
Song Genre: Purchased [1,000]
Difficulty: 17
Song Length: 1:31
Nothing says fun more then going to Disneyland and breaking the space time continuum while going mentally insane like Cracknight does, stepped by Dossar. This Nero’s Day at Disneyland song starts off this week as a light file that will give you that good ol’ nostalgia feel of happiness and Disneyland and popcorn and elephants and sidewalk vomit and tour guides. No? Just me? Oh. Okay then. But really though, this CRACK of a song will make you playing throughout the whole… NIGHT… get it???? GET IT?!?!?

Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light-
Musician: syatten remixed by celas
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 67
Song Length: 2:03
*Ahem* Moving on… Someone on FFR has been a bad boy recently! And that is our ol’ friend Sprite-. That’s right, Bad Sprite hits FFR changing up the mood with this nu-NRG song stepped by DarkZtar. So after you go completely insane at Disney world breaking the space time continuum, why not go eat some cotton candy at the stall next to Magic Mountain and get a sugar high? Trust me, doing so will only help you and make you a better person in the long run.

Musician: Naganuma & Kota
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Dance 2
Difficulty: 70
Song Length: 2:04
Whats that you say? Want to go see a show? Why not go see Naganuma & Kota which just hit FFR brought to you by bmah? Their main feature, SHI*O*KA*RA*, teaches you the most important letters of the alphabet while enjoying that sugar high you got just a few minutes ago eating that cotton candy (that you are pretty sure was made up of at least 99% sugar). The show starts and you are taken on a magical ride through the stars of our solar system while surfing rainbows. You make a sudden pit-stop at a local convince store with a magical man with a flute that gives you “The Eternal Taco”. You understand your mission in life. You return to ride the stars and return back to Disney world to complete your mission. You arrive back on earth slamming into the ground on one knee. You look up slowly as the setting sun in the background paints a perfectly back-lit picture of the park. It’s your time. That time is now.

o’er the flood
Musician: goreshit
Step Artist: VisD
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 75
Song Length: 3:01
Its 11:45pm. The park is closed. You are walking through the deserted streets and parking lots of Disney World. You know your mission. Off in the distance, you can hear o’er the flood playing, a gores hit song stepped by our very own VisD. You turn your walk in to a jog, then a run. You begin running, frantically, searching for what you have been distanced to search for your entire life as shown by the flute man who gave you the eternal taco. You need to find her. She is waiting for you. Somewhere… You can not find her. You try and try and run and tear the entire park apart to find any trace. You break down and begin to sob. You collapse to your knees. You look up as it starts to drizzle lightly. You look up to the stars, which gleam so elegantly in the night. Then you remember. You are single. You have no girlfriend. You take a bite of the taco.

See you next week.

~ Xiz