Monstercat? Absolutely. (Also, a batch announcement!)

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It has been a while since a specific user (Poison-) brought to staff’s attention that we had received potential permission for Monstercat, and I admittedly had been putting off posting a front page article (although, with really good intentions). The initial intention was to put together a really large, special event to welcome the amazingly talented artists; however, that concept fell behind with the interest of hosting FFR’s milestone tournament, the 10th FFR Official tournament. Certain users and members of staff have been pushing me to give some iota of care about posting it, and I kept putting it off out of nervousness for how I wanted to present it. Before presenting this permission, I would like to take full responsibility and apologize to FFR, and more importantly, Monstercat’s head of licensing on behalf of the entire FlashFlashRevolution community. Gavin, I never intended on holding out so long — many users on FlashFlashRevolution absolutely adore your music and have been waiting to produce playable content for all of your songs.

For those of you who are not aware, Monstercat is an absolutely sick record label that produces different varieties of electronica, including (but certainly not limited to) EDM, Dubstep, Drumstep, Trance, and Electro, and they pack a pretty big roster in terms of artists on their label: you’ve likely heard of names like Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, Rogue, Tristam, Soulero, Rameses B… hell, I live under a rock in terms of music and still recognized all of these artists. That only scratches the surface of what they have, and what is soon to come.

Check out a more extensive list of all of Monstercat’s artists here!

In honor of obtaining this permission, I would like to present a challenge to FFR’s simfile artists: you are the army that produces all of the content for our players, and without you guys, we wouldn’t have new content. Let’s show Monstercat a great time and provide some charts for their tracks. If you don’t have a simfile author title, now’s your chance to make a great first impression.

- Before making this announcement, I am going to officially extend the March/April batch by 14 days (May 14th) to begin the influx of files. In addition to this, submissions for a HARD SONGS BATCH will open on May 1st! All files intended for this batch will be sent to [email protected], and, unlike previous hard song batches, SAP rules will be applied! This should increase the overall output of solid harder files by giving our more experienced simfile artists the opportunity to submit to their full cap.

- During batch periods two and three (March/April, May [Hard Song Batch], and June [Regular Batch]), Monstercat submissions will have a credit bounty for acceptance, and the bounty will increase for each file that you get in game. For the first file you get accepted in the queue, you’ll get 20,000 credits, and the bounty for each file will go up by 20,000 credits. A simfile artist with a 5 file cap for two periods could theoretically earn 1.1 million credits (and my gratitude) if they want to devote that kind of time to providing playable content. I would love to squeeze as much Monstercat as possible into the upcoming official tournament, and you guys can help make that happen.

Thank you for giving us the permission for your label, Monstercat! FFR users, keep an eye on the front page for a compiled location for all of Monstercat’s free releases for easy access coming soon. Also be sure to stop at Poison‘s profile and give him thanks for the initial acquisition of this permission!

- TC_Halogen

10th Official Tournament Fundraiser Wrap-Up

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Over the past week, the Flash Flash Revolution community has come together to help raise an absolutely overwhelming $2,183.25 USD in donations for the 10th Official Tournament fundraiser! After 6 years, officially sanctioned prize pools will be making a grand return – and it will be greater than all previous tournaments combined, with a total tournament cash prize pool of $1,250 USD!

107 keysmashers have generously contributed to the event, averaging an incredible $19.95/donation (only 107 easy payments of $19.95)! Brass “All Skill” Token recipients are encouraged to post their spoils in the “Look what came in the mail” thread or the Fundraiser discussion thread!

“We did it! Our vision will soon come into fruition!” PrawnSkunk exclaimed, elated with the success of his part in the project. In reality however, there was still much to be done. It was all out of his hands though, but he had great faith in the other team members. “We project his speed comprehension and execution to be over 750 BPM – it’s unimaginable!” foxfire667 added, still in disbelief that the final phase was so close. The first phase was completed a mere month ago, after an agonizing 10 months of excruciating labor, and another 3 weeks of testing. From the surface, one might call Synthlight’s plan nothing more than the ramblings of a deranged old man. However, those part of the Super Secret FFR Genetics Team knew it was a challenge worth accepting. Through endless research and countless modifications to the human genome, PrawnSkunk was finally able to successfully restep the sequence to create the ultimate keysmasher.

With the funds raised from the “10th Official Tournament” fundraiser, many limiting factors were alleviated, and the odds were beginning to stack in their favor. After a few weeks past, all of the necessary components were shipped to the lab, and were ready to incubate the insemination mechanically. The entirety of the FFR Genetics Team were readily awaiting the final phase – the step out of calculated simulation, and into reality. Every diagnostic instrument was meticulously placed and checked to ensure no faults would emerge. Now the only step remaining was the press of a button, and the activation key from Synthlight himself. Everyone in the room seemed anxious, as although Synthlight was running the operation, this would be the first time he was showing himself at the laboratory in person.

Despite the expectations of some, Synth’s entrance was rather uneventful. After a quick briefing, Synthlight lifted his hand to the terminal and turned his key. With the lab still in tact, and the readings still positive, the FFR Genetics Team were overcome with excitement. The machines seemed to be operating perfectly so far! In a few years, a new era of arrow smashing might actually begin! Synthlight approached the incubation chamber, gazing upon his creation affectionately. He spoke to it softly. “First person to post on your wall; I just want to welcome you to the insanity we call life. You are going to be Perfect, I can tell!” Synthlight, having graced the team with a decades’ worth of his presence, climbs into his FFRmobile and returns to his secret lair.

Somewhere deep in the heart of America, Synthlight sat back in his swivel chair, raised a pint of liquid freedom to his lips and and muttered softly under his breath,


Thank you to everyone in the community for your support! We wish you the best of luck in the 10th Official Tournament this summer.
PrawnSkunk, TC_Halogen, foxfire667

Site Maintenance

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Update 1: Server maintenance is complete, don’t worry if the site is randomly unresponsive for the next little while though. :)
Site might be down for a few hours. Hard drive updates. Thanks.

- Velocity, Zageron, Synthlight

10th Official Tournament Fundraiser

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square square square square square square

In anticipation of the 10th Official FFR Tournament, we invite you to help us raise donations towards providing some awesome prizes for this upcoming milestone in FFR history! We are very excited to present to you an outstanding lineup of donation incentives. Up for grabs are three new Support Token songs, and a limited quantity of solid brass “All Skill” FFR Tokens!

This is a strictly non-profit fundraiser, meaning all proceeds from this event will go directly back into the community as spontaneous contest prizes, and the 10th Official Tournament prize pool. Thank you to everyone in the community for your continuing support!

If you have any questions, please post in the fundraiser discussion thread, or send me a private message.

You will be contacted by PrawnSkunk via private message for any missing information.

(donations are no longer open!)

$5 | or more
Your choice of any 1 Support Token song

$9 | or more
Your choice of any 2 Support Token songs

$12 | or more
Your choice of any 3 Support Token songs

$20 | or more
1.75″ brass “all skill” token
+ free shipping worldwide!
Custom Forum User Title

Your choice of any 3 Support Token songs

Only want the brass FFR token? No problem!
* Just ask for “physical token only” in your donation comment.

*$10 | or more
1.75″ brass “all skill” token
+ free shipping worldwide!


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It is back up, and fully functional. There are some issues with it, but there isn’t much we can do about them at the moment. The user limitation, of 20, which was active for a few days, has been replaced by our pro license (with a cap of 500, so we’re good.)
If you notice any problems, excluding the arbitrary newline, please let me know.

FFR Rivalry Recruitment — We Want You!

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What is a rivalry? — Rivalries are weekly hosted events, aimed at accelerating the playing ability of each participant through the drive of friendly competition. These rivalries provide a place for beginner and veteran players alike to compete as casually or fiercely as they choose.

Structured in the familiar format of the Official Tournaments, participants are given one week to post the best score they can on a selection of songs. At the end of each week, a credit prize pool is distributed, and each player is awarded rivalry points based on their performance.

This week’s Rivalries are already underway! Joining either rivalry is as simple as posting in your rivalry thread. Unsure of which division you belong in? Just ask, and we will be happy to let you know!

Carrotcake94’s Division 2 & 3 Rivalry is targeted towards Novice, Intermediate and Advanced players.

axith’s Division 4 & 5 Rivalry caters to hardened keysmashers in the Expert and Master skill brackets.

Good luck!
- axith (Rivalry Coordinator) and PrawnSkunk (Event Staff)

[AMA] FFR / Zageron

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I’m energized, so I’m putting this on the front page. Bite me.
Ask me anything about myself or FFR.

(Thread for the lamers.) But please use the link I provided to ask and view questions!


FFR Updates & Fixes (2)

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Update 3:
Alright, arc got universal multiplayer working. (He cheated.)
This only applies to R^3.
Prochat, and the other two engines, will be updated to use arc’s hack as soon as we get the chance. :)

Enjoy. (Come to universal to chat!)

– Zag & arcnmx

FFR Updates and Fixes

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Update 2: Since we can’t have SFS, I’ve started working on a tracking system for NotFFRon. I’ll be creating a very simple tracking system to help prevent cheating and to allow per-user progress tracking. Once that’s in place, perhaps a small group of us will come together to produce the final 18 or so levels. :)
Update: Still no Chat/MP. I’ll post as soon as it gets done. T-T

- Velocity engine will now load songs.
- NPS images are now generated and displayed again.
- Replay image generator is back in action.

Chat, Multiplayer, and Radio are in the process of being made available.
We are awaiting support from the creators of Smartfox, and until then we can do nothing.
Synth dropped in today to help us with the fixes.

Good Night!
– Zag