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Ask & Receive! TOKEN!!!

You guys all wanted a new token…  so LD decided to bring one to life.  All compliments can go to me…  all complaints to LD.  :)  

This token is an achievement token.  Get a positive score on every public song, then check your levelrank and you’ll unlock PianoCore by hi19hi19.  Song is by x0-000 and I think the trills and weird jump-16th/24th things makes it a low FMO, but I’m open to making it a VC.

Enjoy and continue to look for new stuff in the coming days and weeks!

-Tass & LD

Simfile DB Fixed! Gambling Hall Dead :(

I’m sorry guys…  the internet police have officially given up their search for our missing gambling hall.  It is presumed dead.  Maybe one day we’ll find the body afloat in the river, or a hiker will discover half-eaten pieces off a rarely used trail.  Who knows.  It is a sad day…  shed a tear with me.

Juxaposed to that sadness, the simfile db is officially fixed.  There had been issues since mid-April, but no more!  And expect none in the future for many years.  So upload all your kickass charts today!


Memorial Day Special Release & Random Updates

I figured we hadn’t done a special release in a while…  so I wanted to do something for you guys.  Enter Ievan Polkka, by Otomania, quite possibly the catchiest song ever.  It may sound familiar, as Pretty Green Onions is a mix of the same song.  IMO, it’s a Low FMO…  the jumpjacks with 3-framers are JUST enough to make it not be VC, but I’m willing to listen to other opinions.  Mad props to my main man jimerax for this awesomely fun chart that you will won’t be able to stop playing.  Oh yeah…  it’s on Page 1 of Dance2 for easy access.

In other news, I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  Don’t think that I have.  :(.  The P4U fix that resulted in the chart being offsync is being worked on again, and should be sync’d by the time you read this.  Also, I like cake.


Oh yeah…  if you care about the batch, notes should be up tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even be nice enough to unlock the discussion thread.

Very, Very Old Bug Now Fixed!

A small one, but a very old one… dating way back to 2003. We all love the cute little dancing white thing in the background video for Party 4 U v2, but sadly the music wouldn’t play when you went to try it again (and the notes would lag). This has been fixed! Big thanks to NSane for the assistance on the fix. No more P4U bug! Yay!


Put the Retrigger on the Bong-Ra and hide the children

Bong-Ra, Jason Köhnen’s electronic alter ego saw life in 1996. Hailing form The Netherlands, Bong-Ra initially started as a dj, but quickly focused his priority on producing his own music in 1997. Since then he has set up two record labels and released well over 40 albums on many record labels (including Cock Rock Disco.) His latest release, the Vitus Blister EP, features the song many of you have probably grown to love, Nomina Nuda Tenemus, which was released a week or so ago and was stepped by here. It’s either an FMO or FGO, there seems to be a lot of disagreement about the actual difficulty [it's just jumpstream, right? :-) ].

Retrigger is an electronic musician from Brazil, also known as Raul Costa, who has been producing hard and experimental music since the year of 2001. He has released tracks in labels from different countries, in 5 different continents. His sounds range from breakcore to 60s psychedelia, from punk to funk, from garage rock to hip hop or anything he’s listening at the time, mostly sounding like all of those at the same time. Just last week, resident stepfiler and FFR stepfile judge kommisar[os]‘s file for Jeanie and Caroline became public and it’s an FMO focusing on Retrigger’s wonderful drums. Check out his website for free music and keep an eye for a release on Cock Rock Disco.

Hope you all enjoy the new breakcore!


Kyle Ward – Best of FFR Compilation Album and Tell v3 Support Token!

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution, Simfiles on February 10th, 200971 Comments »

So, have you always wanted your favorite KaW songs from ITG or FFR to listen to anywhere?  Now is your chance!  We’ve worked with Kyle and his partner at SCI Recordings John Mendenhall to bring you this Best-Of album.  Put together by yours truly, this album features 12 of your favorite songs across all of Kyle’s aliases AND 2 bonus tracks from Kyle and John’s duo effort, Oscillator-X.  All yours for $8.99.

Track list:
Banzai – Anubis
Banzai – Zodiac
Inspector K – Disconnected
Inspector K – Infection
Inspector K – Tension
KaW – Kagami
KaW – Take Me Back
KaW vs Smiley vs Inspector K – Duality
K-Bit – Robotix
Smiley – Delirium
Smiley – Destiny
Symphonious – Tell (Extended Mix)
Oscillator-X – Dance All Night
Oscillator-X – Style On My Speed Dial

And, of course, there is a support token attached to this album as well. Way back when, dore created a chart for Symphonious’s Tell for our Easy Skill Token event. The masses spoke and wanted something harder… so Tell v2 came about. But many users were used to the jacktacular Guillaume Tell chart for SM and wanted something similar in FFR. THAT is what this file is. A For Guru’s Only Tell v3 chart, a full minute longer than the previous 2. This file is full of insanely fast jacks. Have fun with it.

Purchase the album now! To activate the token and download your purchase, go to this page.


edit: Oh yes…  I forgot to add…  if anyone AAAs this on video (showing hands and screen, sound taps, etc), I’ll cover the cost of the album and throw in some other stuff as well.  My personal challenge of saying this will never be AAAd.

SGX – Hero of the Grey Area – $8.49 + Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] Support Token

It’s been a while since we last offered an album for sale, but fear not…  now is your chance for another!  SuperGreen X’s Hero of the Grey Area is now available for digital purchase and download through vBulletin (non-recurring!).  Go to the vB purchase page and it will be the 3rd option.  Order one up and then go to this page to get access to the album download.

Hero of the Grey Area features 11 tracks in 320kbps .mp3 format:
1. Hero of the Grey Area
2. Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]
3. A Meal for a Whale
4. Peripatetic
5. Amity
6. Have No Tyrant
7. This All is Fiction
8. i.transmit.this.dawn
9. i.transmit.this.transfiguration
10. i.transmit.this.composite
11. i.transmit.this.return

Additionally, this purchase will unlock the mystical Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] token (it’s an FMO)!  Also included in the album download is the album art from the phyiscal CD and a paragraph explaining the 4-song i.transmit.this series.

So, once again, head over to the subscription page and pick up a copy of this amazing album NOW!  It’s only $8.49.  And you’ll be helping SGX put food on his table.


Wed morn edit: Mad props to adamaja456, bballa48, bluguerrilla, card man, funmonkey54, norsegod666 for buying the album so far.  You should not feel jealous and sad that you didn’t buy it yet and therefore don’t get your name on the front page.

SotY 2009! Take me back 5 years!

Song of the Year took a break in 2008, because we didn’t have anything awesome enough for it.  There were rumors of Mario or TMWT…  but it all came and passed.  And now it is 2009.  And we have SotY again!  We’re going to party like it’s 2004!

The full name of the song is OSTER Project presents World Tour 2004.  Seeing as how that is both a mouthful and redundant, I labeled it simply “World Tour 2004″.  Artist is, of course, OSTER Project.

Now, why does this song classify for SotY?  Because each one of us can relate to it.  The song hits music from all over the world.  It also happens to be the longest song in FFR and the song with the most notes.  A AAA on this will net you over 6 million points!  It is 8:38 and 3940 of goodness by behanjc.  It’s FMO for some jacks and length and PAing 24th jumpstream…  but it’s not TOO bad.

How can you play this, you ask?  All you need is 20,009 credits and you’ll find it at the top of page 3 of Secret.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


FFRMas 2008 Epic Conclusion Of Awesome!

You may say…  “Tass, you’re lazy and you didn’t give us any news stories about the previous few days!” And, you’d be right.  But, there is madness behind my logic.  Sort of.  I wanted to let you all simmer and come to a slow boil, culminating in today’s over the top bonanza of filey goodness.

Let’s do a slight recap…  we’ve had Shash and S.S.H., Virt and SHK, easy files and hard ones, Leeroy Jenkins and some Ladies To Which We Say HEY, kLutZ and KgZ…  not to mention, RATO.  To finish it all off, we’ve traveled Across Rooftops to Wish You A Merry Christmas while Church Bells chime for all!