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Site Maintenance

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 23rd, 201414 Comments »

Update 1: Server maintenance is complete, don’t worry if the site is randomly unresponsive for the next little while though. :)
Site might be down for a few hours. Hard drive updates. Thanks.

- Velocity, Zageron, Synthlight

10th Official Tournament Fundraiser

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 18th, 201458 Comments »


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In anticipation of the 10th Official FFR Tournament, we invite you to help us raise donations towards providing some awesome prizes for this upcoming milestone in FFR history! We are very excited to present to you an outstanding lineup of donation incentives. Up for grabs are three new Support Token songs, and a limited quantity of solid brass “All Skill” FFR Tokens!

This is a strictly non-profit fundraiser, meaning all proceeds from this event will go directly back into the community as spontaneous contest prizes, and the 10th Official Tournament prize pool. Thank you to everyone in the community for your continuing support!

If you have any questions, please post in the fundraiser discussion thread, or send me a private message.

You will be contacted by PrawnSkunk via private message for any missing information.

(donations are no longer open!)

$5 | or more
Your choice of any 1 Support Token song

$9 | or more
Your choice of any 2 Support Token songs

$12 | or more
Your choice of any 3 Support Token songs

$20 | or more
1.75″ brass “all skill” token
+ free shipping worldwide!
Custom Forum User Title

Your choice of any 3 Support Token songs

Only want the brass FFR token? No problem!
* Just ask for “physical token only” in your donation comment.

*$10 | or more
1.75″ brass “all skill” token
+ free shipping worldwide!


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It is back up, and fully functional. There are some issues with it, but there isn’t much we can do about them at the moment. The user limitation, of 20, which was active for a few days, has been replaced by our pro license (with a cap of 500, so we’re good.)
If you notice any problems, excluding the arbitrary newline, please let me know.

FFR Rivalry Recruitment — We Want You!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 2nd, 201416 Comments »

What is a rivalry? — Rivalries are weekly hosted events, aimed at accelerating the playing ability of each participant through the drive of friendly competition. These rivalries provide a place for beginner and veteran players alike to compete as casually or fiercely as they choose.

Structured in the familiar format of the Official Tournaments, participants are given one week to post the best score they can on a selection of songs. At the end of each week, a credit prize pool is distributed, and each player is awarded rivalry points based on their performance.

This week’s Rivalries are already underway! Joining either rivalry is as simple as posting in your rivalry thread. Unsure of which division you belong in? Just ask, and we will be happy to let you know!

Carrotcake94’s Division 2 & 3 Rivalry is targeted towards Novice, Intermediate and Advanced players.

axith’s Division 4 & 5 Rivalry caters to hardened keysmashers in the Expert and Master skill brackets.

Good luck!
- axith (Rivalry Coordinator) and PrawnSkunk (Event Staff)

[AMA] FFR / Zageron

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 2nd, 20145 Comments »

I’m energized, so I’m putting this on the front page. Bite me.
Ask me anything about myself or FFR.

(Thread for the lamers.) But please use the link I provided to ask and view questions!


FFR Updates & Fixes (2)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 29th, 201415 Comments »

Update 3:
Alright, arc got universal multiplayer working. (He cheated.)
This only applies to R^3.
Prochat, and the other two engines, will be updated to use arc’s hack as soon as we get the chance. :)

Enjoy. (Come to universal to chat!)

– Zag & arcnmx

FFR Updates and Fixes

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 3rd, 201452 Comments »

Update 2: Since we can’t have SFS, I’ve started working on a tracking system for NotFFRon. I’ll be creating a very simple tracking system to help prevent cheating and to allow per-user progress tracking. Once that’s in place, perhaps a small group of us will come together to produce the final 18 or so levels. :)
Update: Still no Chat/MP. I’ll post as soon as it gets done. T-T

- Velocity engine will now load songs.
- NPS images are now generated and displayed again.
- Replay image generator is back in action.

Chat, Multiplayer, and Radio are in the process of being made available.
We are awaiting support from the creators of Smartfox, and until then we can do nothing.
Synth dropped in today to help us with the fixes.

Good Night!
– Zag

[C] FFR’s First Official Stepcharting Workshop

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 23rd, 201415 Comments »

The First FFR Stepcharting Workshop is an interactive, intimate one-month event where stepcharters will step a 4-key file for either FFR or Stepmania, offer and receive constructive feedback, and revise their files accordingly. It will run from Sunday, March 2 to Saturday, March 29 and be open to stepcharters at every level, from seasoned veterans to beginners. There will be no afterparty with a bonfire and s’mores, but you are free to have your own if you so desire.

Some may wonder what the purpose of such a structured workshop is, but there are no catches or rewards here beyond learning more about stepcharting from one another and having a lot of fun. And really, why else are we all here?

Those interested should private message me (moches) with the subject line “Workshop Registration.” The deadline for registration is the midnight of Saturday, March 1. Spots may be limited to 24 participants. In order to get a proper headcount, I also ask that questions and other messages be sent under different subject lines.

I sincerely hope you consider joining us for what’s sure to be a great time.


Songs of the Week (February 7th, 2014)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 8th, 201418 Comments »

At the risk of sounding dictatorial, I would very much appreciate it if you could go and take a look out of whatever window is the closest to wherever you might be situated at this present moment in time. Don’t worry about the reasons underlying my request right now, for if history has taught us anything it’s that thinking things through is very rarely a wise idea. Right now, your job is to simply gaze out of a window. The make, the model, and the location are all irrelevant. Think long and hard about what you see, committing all that you possibly can to memory before reporting back to me. So, please go and do that right……now.

Did you do it? I doubt it, but if for some reason you did then I want you to know that during the brief amount of time that you were distracted, us kindhearted folks over at FFR took advantage and hacked into your computer’s mainframe using the classic QRZVW Firewall Override trick so that we could install a Super Advanced Obedience Program (SAOP) on your motherboard. What this means is that regardless of the breaks that you inevitably will one day decide take or the long-winded “I’m leaving for real this time!” forum posts that you make, you will come to find it exceedingly difficult, if not wholly impossible to depart from FFR permanently. We apologize for the inconvenience as well as the inexcusable disregard of your privacy, but we’re certain that you’ll find the effects of this program to be quite beneficiary to you and your community as the years go on. Take me as an example: if it wasn’t for the SAOP, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Therefore the program is good.

Now, before we continue on to the meat of this update, I’d like you to think back to whatever you saw out the window a few moments ago. Don’t worry, this isn’t a trick like last time, as we’ve already gotten what we’re after. All I want you to do is to picture in your mind’s eye what you saw and to keep it there as you play through the four new files that we have on offer this week so that you may come to realize that the outside world pales in comparison to the vibrant, multicolored yet mostly black-backgrounded world of FFR.

[February 7th Released Songs]
No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments by Nero’s Day At Disneyland (DossarLX ODI) – Difficulty: 11 / 1:16 / Misc / IDM
Still Blastin [Light] by Nemesis Theory (SKG_Scintill) – Difficulty: 16 / 1:52 / Arcade
T&J “complete ver.” by Cranky (ilikexd) – Difficulty: 82 / 7:42 / Rock / Progressive Rock
Twirling Star by Maxo (Wayward Vagabond) – Difficulty: 85 / 5:59 / Misc / Celestial Chiptune

Our first release of the week, which also doubles as our easiest, brings together the familiar duo of Dossar and Nero’s Day At Disneyland in a way that is atypical from previous releases. Many of the Nero’s Day At Disneyland files that are presently available to play are relatively difficult, ranging anywhere from Arrogant Cobbler’s 66 difficulty rating to Dossar’s earlier Hero Reconsidering, which is at a now-stable 85. No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments breaks this mold as its difficulty comes in at a much more manageable 11. The song, which is only a little bit over a minute in length, will test players in their abilities to chain together pitch relevant jumps during a steady 12th note groove. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun, and it will only cost you about the same price as about a cup of coffee a day*†‡§?¶, so go and give it a try.

Next on the agenda for today is Still Blastin [Light]. Some of you might remember that the original Still Blastin file from TC_Halogen was part of the stepfiling contest held a year and a bit ago which also gave us Blackout [Breathe Carolina] and Within Life. SKG_Scintill’s version of Nemesis Theory’s chiptune heavy song brings the difficulty of the original file down by fifty-three points so that it can be enjoyed by those who might not be ready to tackle the trickier patterns in the original. The [Light] version of the song tends to follow the main melody with single notes and uses an incredibly light layering scheme to factor in the occasional percussion note. The file also ignores anything higher than an eighth steam; in fact, the only two 16th notes in the entire file are isolated, and anything 24th or higher never appears once. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy this high energy song without the same high energy output on your fingers then now is your chance.

If I can offer you one piece of advice regarding the penultimate file in this week’s set of releases, it’s that you should go to the bathroom before you play it. T&J “complete ver.” is, at the time of this update, the fifth longest song in all of FFR, promising to take up seven minutes and forty-six seconds of your life if you agree to play it. Even if random face itches and creepy shadows appearing in your peripheral vision will be sure to sap your score at some point, passing up on this file would be a huge mistake. Similarly, it would also be an error to assume that this song is typical of cranky’s usual sound. Don’t think Party 4u or R176; rather, think more along the lines of Tenimuhou or Twister. Make sure to stay on your toes at all times as award-winning stepartist ilikexd is going to be challenging you with pretty much every pattern in the book, yet he does so in a way that’s so smooth and consistent that you could spread it over a piece of toasted marble rye. Once your bladder is empty and your fingers are all stretched and warmed up, head over to the Rock section and prepare to embark on your marathon.

The fourth and final release of this week is similar to T&J in that it is lengthy, difficult, and incredibly diverse in terms of both the song and the chart structure. Although the various components of the song are bounded together by an overarching “celestial chiptune” motif, very rarely does Maxo’s Twirling Star linger in one style, BPM, or soundscape for an extended period of time. If you’re familiar with files such as 12 Bar Bloops or Phi-dentity Crisis then you should have some idea of what I’m referring to. Veteran stepartist Wayward Vagabond has lovingly charted Maxo’s debut release on FFR as a particular difficult piece, featuring a cavalcade of tricky patterns such as jackhammers, jumpstreams, trills, and fast 32nds, the likes of which appearing both chained together as streams and appearing sporadically as quick bursts. Make sure not to expend all of your energy too early as the last leg of the song features more than enough spots that are as ready as they are eager to ruin your AAA, full combo, or ability to pass the file. However, with great struggle comes great reward, and rewarded you will be.

And so we reach our conclusion once again. Since there were no veteran songs included in the last set of releases non-veterans should now be fully caught up with their blue-named peers. In addition, the results of the 2013 FFR Forum Awards were released two days ago, so make sure to check those out over in the forums if you haven’t already (and you’re interested, of course). Other than that, I’m afraid that you’ll have to wait until next time. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem though, right? After all, you aren’t going to be venturing off anywhere soon thanks to the SAOP that we definitely, 100% really, truly did install on your computer.